Where is the Wifi antenna located?


My wifi seems a bit slow and I wanted to check the antenna connection. I've opened the back of the tablet and looked under all parts but can't seem to find the antenna. Can any tell me where it is?

Here's a picture of the tablets, can anyone point out where the antenna is?



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I was also wondering if the 12.2 is affected by tab holders like mine.Its from Belkin and turns into a lap holder so the screen sits up on its own .Do these slow down the wi fisignals?


Hi Marian Martin,

If it's not made of metal it should have no effect on the signal.

EMI (electromagnetic interference) has a bigger effect, e.g. electric motors, fluorescent lights etc. Also channel congestion as well.

If you are using a home WiFi network try changing the WiFi channel in the router to a "quieter" channel to see if it helps. By default most routers are set to either CH6 or Ch11 so try selecting another one. You'll have to "forget and reconnect" your devices after you do this.

There are free Wifi scanner program online that you can download and install on your computer to see what channels are in use around your area. The ones that your PC can detect anyway, but those are the ones that can cause congestion if you are using the same channel as them.

The analogy with this is like using a multi lane highway. If everyone travels in the same lane only the speed is slower than if they travel spread over all the lanes available