have to refresh constantly

my tablet has to be CONSTANTLY REFRESHED, and slow.ive had since jan. and have factory reset 3 times ,but nothing helps.i dont have alot of apps on it,i use it for internet for doing research. i dont use it to play games or downloadeing music,videos or any thing of that nature. i use it for emails,pintrest, and this sort of thing. im on it about

20 hours a week.

i love it but not like this.im a 60 yr. and have learned how to use computers by way of trial and a whole lot of errors! so i dont know a whole lot of the lingo! can you PLEASE help me out? ( i have been known to spend 19 hours straight when haveing issues with it so im not giving up)

thank you

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Here are some general things to look at to find out what is going on.

1. Is it slow or need to be refreshed after a factory reset?

If not what apps (not trying to pry) are you installing after a factory reset?

2. Have you checked to see if there are any updates available for your tab? Go to Menu > Settings > System > About Tablet > Check System Updates.

3. Check to see how many apps are running, when you are using the tab. Go to Menu > Settings > scroll down to Device > Apps, tap to enter, swipe left to Running.(see top of screen) look for apps that don't mention 'Google' or 'system' e.g. You Tube etc. If there are a lot of apps we'll have to find out why they are running. Some might be needed other maybe not.

This is a 2 part comment due to space restrictions.


4. Do you have a slow internet service? Is your tab slow, needs to be refreshed if you are not online? Try (temporarily) turning off WiFi and seeing how the tab performs?

5. How much memory is available in your tab?

Go to Menu > Settings > scroll down to Device > Storage, tap to enter then view the details regarding Total Space and Available Space for the various storage areas.

Post back when you can and we'll go on from there. (although it seems you have more stamina than I so take it easy)


Same problem almost. Mine is rooted and after reset it is very fast, but a few days without to many downloads it slows to a snail. I can't seem to figure it out either. Plenty of storage left btw




I'm having issues to accept my tablet keeps refreshing the web page on its own. And it wont let me use my keyboard so I have to use the tab to type it in such a pain