Why is my output sound distorted?


I have recently bought Sky Q and have downloaded some programmes onto my tablet for my commute. Up until this I had only used my tablet for the kindle app.

When I plugged in my headphones (working perfectly) the programme music played perfectly. However as soon as the actors started to speak the sound went all distorted, like a scrambled speaker. And it was like someone was playing music over the speaking.

I have checked that the headphones are all the way in. I even took the tablet out of its case.

I have also gone into settings and applications to check that there are no other apps running in the background with sound.

I have also tried it again this morning as pe

The sound works perfectly when I take out the speaker but unfortunately this doesn't help when I'm on the bus.

I would be grateful if anyone could offer advice or if anyone knows roughly what the max is I should pay in a repair shop. I am based in Ireland.

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Hi, Have only read it but cannot find where it is in the tablet (I haven't got one), that the Tab 2 has adjustable 'equalizer' settings when using the Music app. (don't know if this is what is meant by the quote) I don't know if it is also applicable to the app that you are using, but maybe if it is then if the sounds are alright when using the main speakers but not when using the earphones (is this correct or have I misunderstood?) that you may be able to adjust the equalizer settings to get a better sound to the earphones.

This is the quote "The Tab 2 has better audio output. Music sounded fuller, and not in an overprocessed way. The Tab 2 does have an equalizer option, which the 7.0 Plus lacked, but we didn't turn any of the effects on."


Hi Jeff. Thanks for your reply.

I think i will just have to get it repaired.