8 MP camera with 12x optical image stabilized zoom. Released in June 2007.

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Why is my picture too exposed?

When I shoot outdoors, my picture is too exposed.

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Most likely, the camera is in the wrong mode.

For daylight outdoors shooting, set the mode dial to AUTO. If the images still turn out too bright, check the ISO setting: press the ISO button and make sure it's set to AUTO.

Another reason why the images may appear excessively bright, is the LCD brightness setting. If the LCD brightness is set to Bright, images may appear brighter than they really are when you view them on the camera's monitor. Setting the LCD brightness to Bright makes sense when you're viewing your images outdoors in bright sunlight, but otherwise it's best to leave the LCD brightness set to Normal. Press the MENU button, select the Set Up menu, and check the LCD Brightness setting.


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