A portable, rechargeable jumpstarter that can provide instant jumpstarts for cars and trucks.

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ac adapter lost need replacement

misplaced my ac adapter what input and output should I use to recharge example

input ac120v 60hz

output dc12v 500ma

what should I buy

Update (02/02/2016)

I need to buy an ac/dc adapter, an extension cord is not going to do the trick. I need to know what kind on voltage and output I need. The converter/adapter is lost . I would like to save the unit but do not know what size adapter to buy

Update (02/02/2016)

This a battery jump pack that is used to jump start a car. Some units have an ac adapter built in so you can charge the battery in the jump start pack. My unit has a spot to connect the ac adapter to the jump pack so you can charge the battery in the jump pack. My ac adapter has been lost. I know I have to buy a new ac adapter so I can charge my jump pack, what I do not know is if the input (from the ac adapter) is 120v 60 hz

I understand that the DC output needs to dc12v. I do not understand the milliamps. The battery in the jump box is 12v 10 ah ( what ever that is). I just want a new ac adapter to charge the jump pack with that is not going to damage anything.

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i lost my plug for a master craft 4 in 1 jumpstart compressor 600 amp jumpstart system 260 psi air compressor 12 volt power port work light I need the plug

I lost my AC/DC Adapter for aMasterCraft Hum Starter 5 in 1 260 PSI Air Compresort

Ok I have the Preston jump It. Box. And I know to recharge it it has to use a cigarette lighter style charger.12vlt. to house plug. Where do I find something like that I've looked to no avail.

Can someone add the link to here so I can get back up.


Our dog ate the cord for the Mechpro Jump Starter 12v 600Peak Amps. Does anybody know where to get a replacement in Australia

I lost my adapter for my 500 Amp jump starter. What capacity adapter do I need to buy? The voltage, amps and anything else I need to know.



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To charge the battery in the Powerstation jumpstarter, according to the User Guide (http://powerstationusa.com/manuals/PS110...), this is the type of extension cord you need. It will connect the Powerstation to any 120V AC power outlet http://www.amazon.com/HQRP-Extension-Pow...


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I need to buy an ac/dc adapter, an extension cord is not going to do the trick. I need to know what kind on voltage and output I need. The converter/adapter is lost . I would like to save the unit but do not know what size adapter to buy


Do not understand. The unit has a battery which is charged via the AC connection. The unit provides a DC output supply.

Do you wish to charge the unit battery using DC? If so, there is this warning given in the guide

"It is possible to overcharge the battery when re-charging using the DC outlet. Over charging the battery can cause permanent damage and decrease battery performance. Only charge using DC supply if a 120V AC outlet is not available. Charging the battery this way (via AC connection) also safeguards the battery as there is built in protection from overcharging and damaging the battery, which is not provided when charging the unit battery via the DC connection.


OK I get it now. Your unit (which is not the one in the link in my answer I suppose) doesn't have an inbuilt adapter. In that case to charge a battery you need to do it a what is known as 'charge at the 10 hour rate'. This rate is the standard charge rate for batteries . It prevents damage caused by overheating etc, which may occur at higher current values. To get the charge current value, you divide the battery capacity, in your case 10AH by 10 giving a charging current of 1A.

However charging voltage for a battery should be higher than the battery voltage so as to prevent the battery wanting to discharge back into the adapter,.e,g, car 12V batteries charge at 13.8V. so ideally to charge your battery you need a DC14V 1A charger. 15V will do but keep a check that the battery doesn't overheat.

thank you this was very helpful


DC charge cable

39" (1 m) 18 AWG with male to male

lighter plugs (part # 449-0187-01-01)

AC charger

Input: 120 V AC, 60 Hz, 11 W

Output: 13.5 V DC, 500 mA

(part # 074-1003

This is listed in the Owners Manual.



Does this help at all

ac/dc adaptor class 2 transformer


I/P:AC 120v 60Hz 30W





copied from the back of the power adapter image in step 4

Jump Starter Power Station Teardown

hope this helps


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thank you this was very helpful

Lost my adapter for my jump starter its a car starter 1000 12volts dcthats all it tells me what adapter should i use to charge the unit oh it has 900 peak amps

Still does not answer the question where to buy just the cable part #449-0187-01-01

Will a output 12.0v -500ma work to charge it

Hi @amarlboroman ,

No, it won't bring up the battery to the required voltage

You need to apply more than 12V DC to charge a 12V battery, e.g. a car alternator puts out 13.8V DC to charge the car's 12V battery


Can I charge my power station/jump start using a battery charger. Gator clip red to red, black to black.


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Can you use a regular battery charger to charge the unit

Hi @ Dennis Green,

I'd say not.

You'd most probably damage the charging circuits and possibly the battery of the jump starter

Most car battery chargers initially put out ~ 4A when charging a battery, which reduces as the battery charges. They can do this as a car battery is usually a lead acid type (not as critical when charging as other types of rechargeable batteries) and there is no battery management circuits in play when you charge them directly from a car battery charger, i.e. battery disconnected from car and charger connected directly across battery terminals

Looking at the specs for the charging adapter provided above, it only needs 0.5A to 0.7A to charge the jump starter. Obviously it takes longer to charge the battery with this amount of current, but most probably it is suited to the type of battery (and battery management system) in the jump starter.


how can I charge the 4in1 powerpack if my battery is dead


Is the center tap negative or positive on the charger for the PEAK 700?

Their manual lacks detail for the charging apparatus…. it could be 24 volts ac, it could be 12 volts dc center tap negative, it could be 15 volts center tap positive… It could be anything!

I expect to see a polarity, voltage, and current rating however we see none. Also we do not know what the circuitry is inside this. Can’t make assumptions there. Most likely they have a buffer to control impedance and some circuitry for usb etc etc... You don’t know the design or whats going on internally to the device. Can you specify with 100% certainty? No, you can’t. Not without details.

To determine a compatible charging unit, you will need the following information:

1) specified center tap polarity ( positive or negative).

2) voltage ( ie 12 volts 24 volts etc etc)

3) specified current ( i.e. 400 mA)

5) the size of the plug (i.e 2.1 mm)

A part number would be great!

Just guessing on the polarity is a roll of the dice. Don’t gamble. Get the facts! It may have preventive circuitry to avoid damaging the unit if you use the wrong polarity but you don’t know . Until you find the mfg specs it’s risky to just plug it in. You might wreck it. Is that an acceptable risk? No it isn’t, not for me .

I have an email into the distributor and will update based on their feedback/findings.



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Odd that nobody asked about polarity earier. You have to know this.

Postive Tip or Negative Tip? Most are positive tip but there is the chance it is negative.

I got this unit for 5 bucks so I am gonna try to charge the battery once I take it out and and or replace it. Then post what I find.


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