Stuck on preparing automatic repair

I have the hp pavilion beats special edition with 1 tb memory 8 ram. I went to use it today and it began runnimg real slow, eventually laging on the game i was playing that never lags. I could not get to the command center to shut it down. So, i hard reset it. When i tried to pull it back up, it kept telling me that microsoft windows has stopped working, then it went to a black screen. I shut it off for a while, now trying to get back in to it, it gets stuck at the preparing auto repair then goes to a blank black page. I tried f2 and f11 on start up, nothings happening like the keyboard wont work except for the keyboard back light button.

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Try holding SHIFT+F8 when powering it on to see if you can get into the troubleshooting options. From there you can try the options such as Safe Mode or Restore. I forget the exact menu options. It may take a few tries, as the new computers try to boot very fast.


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