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Cant swipe to answer incoming call

Incoming calls on my lg 3 phone are almost impossible to answer. The screen doesn't recognize the swiping motion and freezes up. I also have a red border around the outside edge of screen.

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Thanks for the help. I thought the darn thing was broken. Much appreciated.

A friend of mine explained that a mobile phone touch screen is heat-sensitive. He suggested blowing on your fingers before swiping the dot to answer. Not perfect, but a decided improvement.

In order to answer a LG Rebel 3 the Accessibility Options Switch on top should be "ON". All of the Switches below it should be "OFF" (including another "accessibility" switch).

On the LG G5 select - Accessibility - Dexterity and interaction - and switch on Touch and hold for calls. Answer or decline calls without swiping

i have an LG k4 2017 and i can not answer any calls ,i press the green button and it says swipe the screen but when i do it cuts the caller off can anyone help me solve this please



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Hi malissa,

Check whether talk back feature turn on your phone

  • In Settings > Accessibility, select Accessibility
  • Set the switch off

Red edge can be removed turn off the developer options

In Settings > developer options > "uncheck all"


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"Set the switch off." What switch???? What to do here is not at all clear.

I agree with Ben Myers.

I have an LG Stylo 3 I have to swipe to answer and it's not recognizing my swipe. I'd much rather change it to another way of answering my calls. Is there a way of changing it?? Can someone PLEASE help me?? I'm missing so many calls...

I found that I have to hold my finger on the green dot for a second before swiping and then swipe out just an inch or works every time for me

I'm having the same problem. I will try what Walter said. Thank You.



I have an LG K7. Think it's the Android Lollipop 5.1 .Rarely it would answer, sometimes not. I tapped and swiped the icon repeatedly.

Never read the instructions. Turns out I have to place my finger on the ringing icon and keep my finger on the screen as I move the icon to the right, or probably anywhere on the screen. Just tried it four times, worked every time. So, unknowingly, sometimes I was doing that and sometimes not. That's why sometimes it would pick up and sometimes not.

Hope this helps.


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Excellent - the "swipe" instruction on the screen is so misleading, but this post was so clear and correct. Thank you, thank you.

Pretty sad when you can't complete the most basic thing you want to do with a phone...answer it! Thanks for the very clear fix to an important problem.

Thank you so much! This solves a problem that was drivigng me (and those who called me on my mobile) nuts.

It's beyond belief that there are no instructions WITH THE PHONE when you first set it up on how to answer it. This is engineering arrogance to the max.

I agree it's extremely ridiculous that such a basic task was designed to be so difficult. I spent hours trying to find and configure a different Application for my elderly parents. We kept thinking the problem was that they are just two elderly to understand, but then I realized-this is just an idiotic design problem



I'm having the same problem. Went to the store, tried it in there and I could answer.

Went home. Instead of swiping I held my finger on the green dot it worked. in the store. However, at home I pressed the green dot and didn't work. This is ridiculous. I have to call back every call. Luckily, I don't get too many. Any suggestions????


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Just hold your finger on the dot for a few seconds and then swipe and it should work.

This is ridiculous can't answer phone

How do you answer the phone? LG Q6 If anyone knows would appreciate an answer

Maybe we should look into getting our money back, and have a Lawyer be the front man.

I don't want to say the big word (S). This has caused stress for me, to the point where I want to destroy my phone!? , and I am not violent.


Go to Settings…..Accessibility……Motor & cognition…..Touch and hold for calls. Turn on to allow answering calls by touching the Answer button without swiping


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My phone does not have accesibility or cognitive under settings

Thank you Skpotthast .. finally a 'fix' that works!


Ah, my previous solution didn't stick. THIS works for me: before swiping to answer, press and hold the answer button for 1 second, then swipe before letting go.


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Thanks for the tip. I tried this and it worked the first time but never again.  About ready to toss this out the window.

thanks for your help….


Thank you but that won't work see comments


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