The Samsung Galaxy Tab S 10.5 is a 10.5” Android tablet with a 2560x1600 pixel resolution, 16GB of storage, and 8.0MP camera. It is commonly used for academic, recreational, and business purposes. Model number: SM-T800NZWAXAR.

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No power, replaced battery, battery is not charging when plugged in

I have a Galaxy 10.5 (SM-T800) that I picked up to repair. It had no power when I bought it, battery was below 3 volts so I replaced that first. Left it to charge overnight and found that the battery's voltage had not change. I can't get it to power on at all, tried hard reset with the buttons (Power, Volume up, Home) and no response. Tried multiple chargers and cables they all work, swapped the motherboard with another SM-T800, though I can't know if that one is any good either. What am I missing? Would it not turn on at all if the charging port is bad? I have a new charging port on its way but even so with a good battery at the right voltage it should turn right on. None of the water stickers show any evidence of water damage either. The screen is not cracked and it has basically no marks on it anywhere, so it probably wasn't dropped.

Any help or input would be really appreciated, thank you.

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Please if you fix this can you post how?? Have same problem, new battery fitted, not chargers etc... , can't see it being charging port stopping boot up with tested new battery. Many thanks in advance

Same problem here. I will never buy another Galaxy again. Big mistake. iPad and iPhone did there stuff right. I'm no fan of apple but Android is garbage compared.

Mostly its the battery conector solder cracked not visible without magnifying glass or microscope its a common samsung tab problem specially if you try to pull out the battery. I have fixed already 4 tabs with all same issue, hope this tip helps you out

Have you got an exact location where this connector's solder may be cracked Len, may give it a bash, if it's only a dry joint!. Tab just sat in the drawer at the moment. Took it to local mobile guy in the market, he reckoned it was the motherboard, which to me means BER. Tks

watch this tutorial by clicking given link you will get somthing...



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Turns out it was the charging port. I put in the new port, plugged it in and immediately got the charging screen and was able to turn it on.


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That's fantastic news for you Ant. Going to order a new charging port now, hopefully with the same result. Many thanks for your share of information.. Nige


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i have the same problem,i did all what is suggested here but nothing is anyone with a schematic diagram i can use for reference, please post it.



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