The Sony VAIO P series are a range of ultraportable subnotebook computers launched in January/February 2009.

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no sound from internal speakers or head phones

where is the sound card located

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I tried your tip ,it did not work. when I point to speaker logo on task bar I get message'- no audio output device installed


What is the model number of your laptop and what OS have you got installed, (Win7, 8.1 or 10)?

sony model #pcg6131. windows 10. I had windows 7 and had same problem. appreciate u trying to was off for over 1 yr,with no battery and no ch.arger

Hi Tommed,

Having trouble finding your particular model on any Sony support website. Have checked Europe/Asia/North America/South America, all say model not recognized. Could you please double check that the model number is correct? My other suggestion is, as it seems that Sony may not be providing Win10 driver support for older (especially Win7 pre-installed) laptops, you should go into Device Manager and check under "Other Devices" and see if there is a wireless network adapter there, or anything with the brands listed further (there should hardly ever be anything listed under "Other Devices"). Possibly with a yellow exclamation mark or red cross but maybe not. See what brand it is. Maybe Qualcomm, Realtek, Atheros etc. If so and since you do not have a wireless network adapter listed under Network Adapters (or do you?), go to the manufacturer's website and download and install Win10 drivers (if they have them) for the "particular" adapter that you have found.

sorry I gave u wrong no. pcg61317L. I'm kind of slow on computers, don't know too much. thanks for your help ,well appreciated.

I do have wireless adapter by Comcast.



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Once i had same issue tried restore my sound driver. After restoring it was working but after half hour its gone forever. Again tried but this time it won't enable. Finally i got heIpIine toII free (800) 585-2494 and got my problem solve. there was some malicious software which was stopping sound driver.You should also contact them.


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my computer sound system installed but it not working


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Hi Najim,

What is the model number of your laptop and what OS is installed? Have you tried using headphones and see if it works there? Have you looked in Device Manager to check that the Sound Controller is OK, no red crosses or yellow exclamation marks? What have you tried to do?

添加一条评论 -----download this 1st and then update it I hoped it helps after u update the realtek driver with the above links :)


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Please how do I know the country my Sony VAIO comes from.

by nana


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Good evening,my Sony Vaio Vgn fe-30b sound card not working,ive tried all my best to fix it by surfing online for the drivers but still not solved ...I just bought the laptop, any help please?



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