speedometer will stay at anywhere up to 140 MPH

I have a 2005 Focus ZX4 4-door sedan. The speedometer will stay at anywhere up to 140 MPH even when the ignition is off. The speed indicator needle my change from when the ignition is turned off to the next time I turn it on. The needle will come down some after a few days. Yesterday It was at 35 MPH when I started, the next time I started it, the needle was at 140 MPH. The strange part is that for example if it reads 45 MPH when I start and I want to be going 40 MPH, if I go up to 85 MPH I will actually be going 40.

I have no lose of power and the shift pattern works just fine.

I am not opposed to buying what ever parts I need to fix it, but I don't want to replace a bunch of parts that I don't need.

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ennis almost missed your question hiding in the comments. Do the rest of the gauges in the instrument cluster work fuel gauge temp oil pressure and is the cluster digital or a dial type.