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How to fix loose usb port of Xiaomi power bank

The USB port of my Xiaomi power bank is loose, i have to adjust the cable at a certain angle to make it work do i fix it ....i have successfully opened the device ....but don't know what to do next

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How did you open this




easy one, you need to resolder or replace (what i recommend) the USB connector has 4 pads (smd or thruhole?) and 2 anker pads (for stability) (and you MUST solder these otherwise it will break)

i'm pretty much sure you have no idea of soldering and Level 3 repair what so ever :)

so you need to get soldering iron and solder and so on ....investing in Level 3 is good idea (if you have the money ) (i have cheapest level 3 $@$* myself's soooo expensive)

you could glue it inplace but that's prety $@$*!& job and if it breaks again you have dubble the problem

solder yourself or ask smb.


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All you need is a solder to fix it, disasemble the powerbank, plug your phone to the powerbank and check in what position it's charging, fix the position by sticky tape or whatever and melt a bit the plastic that is ON the USB port just like on this picture, this way you will fix and the plastic in place that it will hold the USB port with ease. How it's done picture here. :)


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Every power bank has a socket meant for electricity input. This specific electrical power comes from a USB socket on your computer system, but can recharge more rapidly when using a wall socket adapter. We generally witness External battery chargers utilize a Mini or perhaps Micro-USB plug for charging, and standard USB plugs for discharging. Occasionally the input and output plug are the same, but it is best to stay away from these battery chargers. Always check the instructions for specific directions if you are not able to locate a visibly marked input plug.



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First of all, you need to check the power bank for its originality here is my post about genuine vs fake xiaomi power banks and how to identify one.

Then you can try to put some kind of rubber of padding of paper to make it less movable thus it will be partially fixed. Though there is no permanent fix for this. You can buy new power banks from our best power bank review list which are ranked as per performance and portability!


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