Simple cellphone ideal for messaging and voice calls, although it can access the internet. Manufactured by ZTE. Released on August 2011.

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no sound with text message alert

Why won't my phone sound with text and message alerts?

It rings fine

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No did not workI will take it to telstra store A big thank you for all your help. I am a fireman and all fire alerts come in a text form,as to why I need ring tone

very help full

A fireman turning out by phone ? You mean your in the bush fire brigade , not a professional firefighter.


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To change the incoming message tone go to:

Menu > Settings > arrow right to Profiles > Edit > Message Tone

There are a lot of other personalisations that you can change in Profiles > Edit e.g. Voicecall ringtone, Silent, Keypad volume, Keypad sounds, Ringing Type

Update (12/17/2016)

Hi @Vern Smith,

I cannot find a T93 listed on the ZTE website, but here are the procedures for a T930 and a T90.

As you can see they are virtually the same and are similar to the T95.

Perhaps arrow right means to swipe right.


Click on image to enlarge it for better viewing

Block Image


Block Image


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Hi @ Vern Smith,

To personalize your Message notifications:

Open the Message app, then tap the Options soft key ( usually the right hand side key of the 3 soft keys below the screen) then select Settings > Notifications then choose which options you wish to enable, disable and alter.


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done that it works when I choose the tune but when I text from another phone no tune but the text comes through


Do you get a notification at the top of the screen when a message comes in? Have you checked in Menu > Settings > Sound to ensure that the volume level for Notifications is set loud enough

I have no arrow right to profiles>edit>message tone I use a t93 phone.

sorry mate it a t83 telstra dave phone

yes, volume set as high as it will go



Try this:

Settings>Apps>Messaging and make sure “Show silently” is not turned on. This worked for the same issue on the ZTE Z835. I hope that helps you and any others who may have this same issue.


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