The Power Macintosh G4 is series of personal desktop computers released by Apple in 1999, and sold through 2004. This page is for the M5183 designation.

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My computer shut off itself

I got this issue with my old powermac G4 EMC#1896, when I start the computer after a couples of minutes all of the sudden it shut off by itself..!!

then I wait, I turn it on again, and same happen again it goes off

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I would recommend reading over this answer I wrote. It sounds like you have a slightly different situation, but the problem is likely very similar, and I suspect the solution would be the same.

In short, I suggest you clean out your computer, reseat the heatsink with some arctic silver and go from there.

If you use our ID-Your-Mac tool to find out what kind of G4 you have, I can likely give you an appropriate guide to open up your computer too.


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18.11.19 From Uk. (very uk). Not Proof Read Nor Spell Checked. Having now encountered Apple Macs I cannot recommend anyone buying one. A fried was told about this and she stated she would never again get an I phone. So something is very wrong. Ive always used win devices starting with 98. I thought i would try fiddling about with a G4 i got free and a digital audio which i bought. Just lately i tried startin em up. The ree one (of course) showed the light on the switch then it went out. Fiddled about with power supp connewctors etc and still same thing. So got new battery and this time monotor showed the grey start up page but then displayed no signal. Tried the reset button but no luck. Too out graphics card and made note of it then refitted but same problem. Have taken out HD abd will try it as second drive in Digi Audio mac G4. Have not yet done voltage checks due to survival issues like police attacks because we have 1000pp evidence of manic corruption throughout UK and Europe. No reply from any estal org incl law. local govt, MPs. police. home office. The coroner service was approached by the use of bodyguards and it produced results. Anyway the Digi audio mac fired up but it has defeated every attempt to get it on to broadband. It was satisfactory on dial up. Cant see an way of removing dial up system or app. Internet explorer seem to half work but not sure as the interface seems clogged up with text which looks a jumble. Have reached the conclusion never to patronise Apple Products ever again. The OS is illogical compared to Wn XP/Vista. I cant see any Reistry in these macs. Also the crazy idea of having Op systs which only work on specific computers is a rip off. Also we found that the graphics boards seem to have no distinct recognition which assoc it to Mac. It was a shock to find out that Apple manipulate the standard bourds which fit windows normally. Of coiurse its all about money. Have noticed that the people who buy macs are ofter or mainly people in art orteaching which of course explains why the system is hopeless. We reckon these things were sold on the weakness of style and had they looked like a Dell Office machine the sales would be very low. We reckon theres a snob value in the Apple Logo. Why an Apple should have status we dont know. How about a banana or Pear PC ? Yeah we know the public are easy to trick but only when charlatans do it to them. Just read the History of US off the maistream and the whole thing is revealed. The shock of finding that the US has been employing secret socialsim whilst pretending you have to stand on own feet was amplified by finding out the the rail owners were given prime land for free. THe owners claimed it didnt matter if they worked people to death cos if god didnt want it then he woulde have intervened. When these clowns died they gave money to corrpt Universities. Want evidence re UKHM Govt. HM Coroners. HM Courts. HM Prisons. HM CPS. HM Bar Council. HM Princes Trust. HM . Health. Local Govt. Sport. Media.Charities.etc. I bet you do. Wonder if Bill Graham meant it when he shouted- Let Jesus into your hearts. How come God didnt protect him+his wife from illness.Some of the Nazis lived to an old age. How come ? Catholics/Scientologist/Jehovas/Chuch Of england./Prtestants./Baptist. How come none reply to questions about 30000 avoid deaths over 30 yrs? If you listen to the small group known a Bill and friends on 38.40 which was orig org by Bob Bellars you might be shocked but that dont change the US does it. Ask us whats behind the reecent shooting in US. Dare you ? Dont think so. What was the most frequent response of public during our 12 yr hike thro London knockin on doors- Its nothing to do with me! So long. Av a nice day.


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