The Roku 3 (Model: 4200) is a third generation streaming device released on March 5, 2013. Connect to any television or video display with correct input connections to stream available content.

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Why is my power adapter overheating?

I leave my Roku 3 plugged in all day because there is no power off button, but I notice the power adapter getting really warm. Do I need to unplug my Roku 3 every time it is not in use, or is this a problem with the adapter?

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The unit is designed to be left on so one would assume that if it were not in use that it would be in a low power state and the adapter would not have to supply maximum power, therefore less heat.

When you say really warm, do you mean so warm that you can't keep your hand on it (use back of hand to try) i.e hot, very uncomfortable, can keep my hand there?

Most adapters give off some heat but not that you can't touch it comfortably.

If it is too hot to keep your hand there (at least for a little bit -and please be careful when you try), there is probably something wrong with the adapter and it needs to be replaced.

Be sure that you get the correct adapter either from the manufacturer or if you wish to buy generic, that it has the same specs and plug type (both ends) as the original. The specifications are on the adapter.

This link has info regarding Roku 3 power and other issues.

These two quotes taken from the link are of interest in that it shows that the Roku 3 could be still operating, (thus drawing most power and emitting most heat from the adapter), if you inadvertently did not disconnect the session when you finished watching. (The first quote was not using the Roku 3 remote control)

At the cottage, I use a Roku 3 for Netflix. Out of habit on a few occasions, I simply did the same thing, hit the off button on the Harmony without stopping the Netflix show (Sons of Anarchy) and happily went to bed. I have a 30GB internet plan and half way through the month, I got a warning message from my ISP saying I had used over 90% of my quota. Considering I was only using it on weekends and 1 week's vacation, I was quite surprised.

You're probably correct as you were watching a series at the time. It probably just continued to play. It's always best to exit any channel to end the session when you're finished watching. I'm suspecting that the Roku happily continued showing episodes, not knowing that nothing was receiving it.

If you feel uncomfortable about it, switch it off. In fact if you turn it off by unplugging the adapter all you'll lose is some of its functionality as in automatic updates of the channels and software.


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Recently my Roku SE 1XK574007763turn so Hot that deform the external material and burn the furniture. I bought on December 2015.

I'm really upset and scare; because we are not in the house when this happen

Hi, If your Roku got that hot it is obviously faulty and needs to be checked out. The same if it was the charger that got so hot. Disconnect it and do not use it until it has been checked. Check the warranty period on your Roku and if it still valid, which it should be as it is new, contact the manufacturer regarding a warranty repair/replacement. Also don't know if this will apply, contact your home contents insurance company (if you have this type of insurance) and ask if your furniture is covered for this type of event.


My Roku streaming stick is also getting hot after only having 3 weeks now. So hot that I have to unplug it because it has caused the TV to have glitched screens with random color blocks showing up. The other Roku TVs, one built-in and the other the HDMI stick with no power cable, don't have this problem. Switching to Amazon fire stick to solve this since no help from Roku or store technicians at multiple stores.


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My Roku 3 adapter is melted and cracked. Thank god it didn’t start a fire. I have emailed them pictures and am asking for assistance. Hadn’t heard back yet At this point. Scary stuff.


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Obvious design flaw in the two Roku 3s I have. Not long after purchase they both began to remain quite hot when

not in use and freeze most of the time when I attempted to use. Only solution I have found is to unplug between sessions. Venting or placement had no bearing on the outcomes.


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