Samsung BD-D5700 Turn Itself On-Off, On Off, ad infininitum

Why is my player turning itself on then off, on then off though we are not currently using it or trying to use it?

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Its stuck in a boot loop


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Preforming a hard reset will help


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Well, you are in luck: I have finally found out how to fix it. The issue is that the touch screen panel has failed, and thus causes the Blu Ray Player to cycle on and off.

(1) Unplug Samsung Blu Ray player;

(2) Remove sidewalls and top cover;

(3) Remove front fascia;

(4) Remove front touch screen board by rotating the top out first, then you will see a thin brownish ribbon attached to the bottom;

(5) Disconnect brownish-colored ribbon from the rest of the system by pulling it straight out (the brownish ribbon runs up to the touch panel buttons);

(6) Re-assemble, leaving touch screen panel brownish ribbon disconnected from the rest of the system.

Unfortunately, you will now rely solely on the remote control as the touch screen panel on the front of the Blu Ray player will no longer work.

However, the upside is that your Blu Ray player will no longer cycle on and off.


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Doesn't work, any other suggestions?

My HT has been showing the same issue....grrrrrrr

Worked a charm for me. The way it was behaving I knew it had to be the touch screen. If it was just turning off, maybe it was something else like heat. Good call!

Open the disc door you'll see a ribbon on the bottom right side. Pull on it to disconnect it. You'll have no display but it no longer turns on off by it self

Does the J5700 even have a touch screen? It doesn't have any place to touch screen and it has no display. It doesn't even have a power light.



This happened to me too. I sent my Samsung HT-5550WK DVD/Blu-ray player to Samsung Service Centre. They replaced the front touch screen unit and it temporarily solved the problem. But after a year or so it happened again.

I followed the instructions on this page ( . See the step-by-step instruction with photos by Laurent Pee L) and removed the tiny touch screen ribbon. This ribbon is about 6mm wide and located on the touch screen circuit behind the touch screen panel. Do not mistook it for the one-inch wide ribbon connecting the touch screen panel to the main motherboard. After removing the ribbon, the digital display still works but it is no longer responsive to touches. It is not a problem because the remote control still works.

Alternatively you may try to wipe away the dust accumulated behind the touch screen panel. The dust might have caused some static electricity to build up and the touch panel senses it as finger touches.


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It works! Great I almost trow it away but try it and every thing works again. Except the touchscreen..but dindt use it anyway



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