Lenovo Yoga Tab 2 not switching on

I bought a Lenovo Yoga Tab 2 1050 (Android) about 2 months back.

It worked quite well and I even updated it to latest version of Android( 5.0.1 I guess,its Lollipop but I don't quite remember the exact version).

About two days back I "Shut down" the tablet and since then its not turning on,shown on PC or even charging.

I even tried to go to recovery mode by pressing "volume button and power button" but nothing happens.

Bought the device in US but currently am in Nepal.

Can you please suggest a resolution for this issue.

The Issue is exactly similar to the one in this video


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Solved this issue by opening up the device and re-assembling it.

Issue seems to be due to faulty power cable (perhaps as battery is in the hinge of the device) .


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How did you do this .. I disassembled the device and it has nothing to get off after you remove the back cover!

Model: Lenovo Yoga Tab 2 1050L (Android)

I disassembled all the connectors and even removed the battery. Then, I removed the battery and then re-assembled it. The main issue,I think , was with the battery connector cable nudge it a little and see if that help.

Good Luck



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