Camera Samsung WB-150F Full over exposure at all light environments

My Samsung WB-150F will dramatically over exposure all the pictures. May the opening be stuck full open? Only at low light, the shots seem to set to an acceptable light level (at level of not giving a full saturation = totally white screen).

1 Measurement error?

Does the light measurement with this camera go through the lens and does the measurement use the picture cell (or part of it) for the light measurement?

Or does it have a separate light sensor?

2 Stuck opening?

If the control of the opening does not work, May there be any ideas how first to witness it and then how to try to fix it?

After sleeping overnight:

Discovered, that at manual setting the display seems to darken and lighten according to shutter speed and opening settings. - means, that the speed and opening settings will function well. However, the shots get over exposed in spite of display just before the shot show a well adjusted brigthness.

In additio to that the video seem to work at least a bit better.

The problem was caused due to the moisture.

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