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How do I fix a black spot on my phone!

When my phone fell it cracked at the top and now when I turn on my phone I have a black spot on top of the corner and it's not totally black but it has other colors it just doesn't really show and my phone also has lines that are blue like pixels.

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I have an iPhone 6 with the same problem but the black spot is by the keyboard and is directly on the backspace button and always deletes what I'm texting. Can this be fixed or would it be better just to by a new phone?

Mine is worse than anyones trust me

you cannot fix that as phone fell probably lcd broke and the only option that you can do is replace whole lcd screen which is pretty expensive if you are talking about iphone 6 that would cost you about 180$ + your hands if someone fixes that for you then even more then that

I have the same thing but mine is worse than anyone I have 3 huge dots barely can see my screen

Mine is so big that i cant even see my first notification i need a blessing



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The LCD in your display has been damaged. It likely has a crack in the LCD which can cause the dark spot and also the various lines of color . It may get worse in time so the only way to get the display fixed is to replace the LCD in the display, or for an easier repair replace the whole display (LCD/digitizer). If the outer glass on your screen that you physically touch has been cracked too then I recommend replacing the whole display.


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How much will I cost if it happens to and iPhone 5s ?

Well it all depends. If you replace the screen yourself on the iPhone 5s you can save a descent amount of money. The iPhone 5s screens can be found for $20 or less on sites like eBay and Amazon or you can find screens with warranties from sites like ifixit, or etradesupply which are of higher quality for more money. If you take it to a repair shop it is hard to say what price you may pay depending on how much their labor charge is and how much they charge for the parts. Their are guides on this site that can help you replace the screen yourself or plenty on YouTube also.

and what about my galaxy s4 i love my s4 and its been through enough i don't want it to go down this way

@Naray Daniels, Once the LCD has been damaged there are no way to repair them without replacing them. The galaxy s4 is easy to find replacement displays for. So you can replace the display with the help of guides on this site, or YouTube, as well as purchase the part from this site and many other online retailers.

Well I never dopped my phone and I was wondering why do I have 2 small black spots on my phone screen? I also have an LG Volt 2



Ok.... look. I am working on a PhD in Robotics and hold an MS in electrical engineering. These spots will go away, but only after many on/off + rgb + bl cycles UNLESS the screen is cracked. Electrons displace themselves from each other. At some point, something got squished. My advice, use your device SPARINGLY but DO USE IT. Turn on the display at least once a day, no more than a dozen, for a few weeks. If the spots are growing, you may have a seal problem preventing the screen aligning itself. If they are EXACTLY the same. New screen bezel, sorry.

Finally, NEVER .... never never EVER let the device completely discharge. Connecting power after that is kind of kicking the problem in the teeth.


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Oh and I cannot believe I am about to do this... but yeah, the underwear guy is not entirely wrong. But a much less humorous method is: keep your device from getting cold and avoid constant screen tactility. Keep it warm and also do not shove it into tight jeans. Best of luck guys

Holy crap! Mine are going away! Thank you!

How much will it costs for an iphone 6s

I have an iPhone X, can this phone be fixed the same way?

I have a lg and i would like to know how much it would cost to get the black dots away



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