The Dell Inspiron 15-7537 is a 15.6" touchscreen laptop with an i5 core processor.

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Trouble replacing Dell Inspiron 15 7537 display hinge

Hi, my name is vikrant. I have dell inspiron 15 7537 laptop.

Accidentally that laptops one side display hing is broken. I called

dell customer support for that but they said display and hing are

fused together so if you have to change hing you have to buy all the

display assembly. After that I searched on Internet for solution but

nothing helped me out. So if anyone knows how to change the display hing of dell inspiron 15 7537 please help me out.

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Hey Vikrant! How much money were you charged in the end?


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What they said is true. I had the same problem. The hinge will be screwed/fused to the aluminium laptop lid. When the display hinge breaks, it is actually the screw thread/molding in the laptop lid that usually breaks, check if this is the case. This is your worst case scenario.

So, the only way to replace the aluminium part of the lid is by taking it from another laptop. There will be ebay listings (mostly in that sell scrap parts from broken/second hand laptops. That is your only option for a cheap DIY fix.

The other option is to go the official route. Hope your's isn't a 1080p display. Will set you back by quite a lot of money, as they only had 1080p models for a little while in 2014. And for some reason dell doesn't provide 1080p panels in midrange models in India.

I have Dell accidental damage protection till 2017. When I informed them that the right side hinge broke on regular usage, they said that the warranty will not cover it, seeing as how it is not accidental damage but normal wear. But after some haggling with the call center employee and her supervisor, finally they agreed to replace the whole thing free of cost.

This is not an isolated issues either, happens all the time with Dell laptops. That is why I always extend warranty for Dells, totally worth it. For me the replacement parts cost 18K, I bought the warranty for 7K.


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HI I amIn USA I have Dell Inspiron 15 7000 series. For me it looks like the Aluminim Casing for display is broken. Laptop is fully functioning but I cannot close it as the Display and casing from one side are separated and I cannot make the hing function. As I said I am in USA, so it means I do not get the casing from Dell and have to replace the Display????? I bought it in April 2014!

Thanks for help

@reza sabet so, your hinge is broken and it splits from the aluminium lid when you try to fold the display...

well if you are in the US, you can get the "Back Cover with Hinges" from Dell. they's ship something like this...

Should cost you ~ $130 if it is from Dell.

Hope everything works out.


This tutorial shows how to replace the hinges. It doesn't look like they are fused to the lid. BUt it is rather involved to get to them:


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You need to buy the front cover with the cheap black plastic pieces that run from top to bottom for the hinges to screw into. It is a manufacturing defect as far as I could see. I bought a used cover with a capacitive touch screen already attached. You never know if the touch screen and related board are ok. I paid $50 on Ebay and it worked well. It was not too difficult to replace but the real problem is it is happening again on my left hinge. Dell need to recall the covers with the cheap black plastic strips and solder or weld nuts on the covers for hinges to screw into.


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For those who have this problem I had a unit brought in with the same issue.  Terrible design and cheap plastic makes for a broken hinge (shame on Dell).  Parts are few to come by and just plain too expensive (even if I did get the parts and spent the money this is just going to happen again down the road).  I ended up cutting out the garbage plastic corner and redesigned it in cad and printed the part in ABS.  Problem solved!  For those who suffer on this issue I would be happy to print the part for a small fee plus some tips and tricks to get a good fit that I learned as I did this.


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The plastic of my dell also broke where the right hinge attaches (the right one while using the pc). I live in europe, I think asking you to print a replacement and shipping here would be pretty expensive, but I do own a 3d printer now, I was wondering if you were willing to share your solution, or at least some insight and advices on how to design the piece from scratch.



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