Unable to turn phone on at all...


All of the sudden my phone will not turn on AT ALL. There are no lcd lights, and the device is not recognized when plugged into a computer.

I have had the charging ports changed out, as well as tried a new/known working battery and charger. I have tried the '3 button hold', have tried charging with memory card out...no luck.

Any suggestions would be appreciated!

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My Samsung Galaxy S4 was working fine. Only issue for past few months was charger that said it was charging slow, use original charger; I was using the original charger. I started using a charger I had from a prior phone and it worked fine - charged fast and completely. Used "original charger" again and after turning off for the night, could not turn the phone on the next day. Have tried all of usual fixes (3 button hold, changed battery, removed battery, connected to computer) - NOTHING worked. Took it to Samsung tech in Best Buy and my battery worked fine in another phone but he was not trained for repairs (thanks a lot to Samsung Customer Service for sending me there). Anyone else having a similar issue? No changes were made to the phone; it was purchased 18 months ago so out of warranty (of course).