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Kindle Paperwhite Repair code comes on after screen replacement

Can anyone help me with a problem. I replaced my kindle paperwhite screen and now I get the screen saying repair needed. Battery invalid:-22. I am glad the screen works.....


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Did you find any solution to this?

I have exactly the same problem. I assembled a paperwhite 2nd-gen screen with a paperwhite 1st-gen motherboard and get exactly the same error.

EDIT (typing mistake): it was a 2nd-gen motherboard and a 1st-gen screen


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Where did you find a screen of 2nd gen? I need to replace mine.

Oh sorry... I mistyped something. What I meant was i assembled a "paperwhite 1st-gen screen and a paperwhite 2nd-gen motherboard"


Received a 2nd-gen screen today, still getting repair-message.


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It's not good. Last week I bought this one http://www.ebay.com/itm/311350255136 (2nd gen screen to my 2nd gen motherboard) and I'm waiting to receive it. I hope not to get the same message because I don't know how to deal with it.

The message is "Battery invalid:-22.", correct? Did you try to disassemble and connect the battery again? Or a hard reset?

That's correct! Yes, I tried both. My current approach is to try it via serial connection. Maybe it's just a software-issue that could be fixed that way. Has your screen arrived yet?

Hello, men! So, what with your Kindle now? A you repair it? I have a same problem now.

I have a same problem now.



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