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How to replace Asus Transformer TP500L Screen?

Does anybody know how to access a new screen and also how to replace it on my daughter's Asus Transformer TP 500LN ?

She managed to drop it after only having it for 2 months and the screen is cracked all over and needs replacing. And I can't afford to get it replaced thru the agent.

Any help or links to You Tube tutorials would be most appreciated.

Many Thanks in advance,

Bruce Kirke (Tasmania, Australia)

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There are two screws on the front of the screen at the bottom sides (under square stickers).

After that just slowly pry along the seam and snap clips should open up. For me the hinge side gave trouble but I just kept pulling and it eventually came loose.

Next you need to disconnect the touch screen ribbons at the top. The white plastic thing flips up and then you can pull out the ribbons. Next remove the little circuit boards, wires, and display from the plastic bezel (no screws involved some glue).

If you can get a replacement touchscreen with the plastic bezel it'll be worth it rather than having to pry the plastic bezel off the glass. If you can only get the glass just lift up and go slowly. the glue on there is strong and if your screen is already cracked chances are it'll break further (there was glass everywhere for me and it took an hour).

Putting in the new glass is easy just start from the bottom and get those corners lined up and the camera hole will line up. If you start at the bottom you can tuck the ribbon wires through the hole as you set it in rather than having to do that as you line it up.

Put the wires and circuit boards back in (start at the top and work your way down, the long wire won't go into the bottom until you close it back up since there's not enough slack). Once the top circuit boards are in plug in the ribbon wires and push the white clamps back down (they are all the way in if the copper section is covered up).

Everything should snap back in and then you can put in the two screws and you're done.


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Michael. When you bought the digitizer screen, how did you determine the model. I've pulled mine apart and the number on the ribbon attached to the glass is top15197. however, when I look online this part is associated with different laptops, not the tp500l.



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