How difficult is it to replace the rear spindle?

While replacing the bearing on my rear passenger side wheel my mechanic did something to ruin the spindle. He said he had a difficult time getting the bearing off the spindle and had to pry and use a lot of force. He thought he got away with no damage but a few days after taking it from his shop I started hearing a grinding noise whenever I took a right turn over 10mph.

With that story told... I was wondering if it was very difficult to replace myself. I am fairly mechanically inclined (have replaced brakes, rotors, starters, alternators, radiators, etc). Or should I just give in and pay my mechanic another $350 on top of the $700 I paid last week to replace the rear bearings.

What does it take to remove and replace? Is it just remove, replace and torque to the proper spec?

Any tricks or tips? Or potentially any place on the web that gives you the step by step?

Thank you in advance!

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