Nokia Lumia Icon is a high-end smartphone that runs Microsoft's Windows Phone 8 operating system. It was released by Nokia February 2014 also known as Nokia Lumia 929.

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Touch not working after new LCD install

I am a professional cellphone repairman and this issue has me perplexed. I bought an entire frame/lcd/digitizer replacement combo and very carefully transplanted all the componets. When I powered on the device the touch was not working. I figured the part was defective so I reinstalled the old LCD/digi/frame and now the touchscreen does not work on that either! There is only one cable that plugs in to the main board for both the LCD and Digitizer and I have absolutely made sure it is completely plugged in. HELP!

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Hi Daniel,

I also had the same problem identical to yours, but I can't find out the problem. I have done hard reset with the keys in addition to reset and update with windows device recovery, but getting no positive result.

Are you solved the problem?



Same issue here with nokia lumia icon. The different screen voltage requirement should be published better. I paid 82 bucks for the new screen and frame assembly. I'll try to return it for the right one.


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Hello I m also a proffesional Technica for Smartphones.

At first this thing happened to me too... after the repair the Touch didn't work.

After long research i found the reason. Nokia produced 3 different types of displays(2V/5V/7V)

You can check the Voltage on the inside of the Display(right bottom).


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So why doesn`t the original work anymore?

oh wow, I got lucky to get the right one from the get go.

After two attempts, The second screen was perfect

do you mabye have a picture of the location where it says the voltage ?

, lumia 930

i have something like this - T7-1 V5.0 on the new one, and H3,2V5.0 on the old one. Are they both are 5V? i'm ask becouse it dont work.


Try to do a hard reset, has helped with alot of lumias for me


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Kaur K you're right, but you need to explain what is a "hard reset" with the Lumia 930 : Just need to press Volume Down + Camera button + Power button in the same time during few seconds and voilà!


I replaced twice the glass frame for Lumia 535. First one didn't react to my touch after replacement. I discover later there are different models of glass frame for Lumia 535. The first seller just said it was for Lumia 535. But when I checked orginal glass frame, there was reference number:CT2S1973FPC-A1-E which wasn't corresponding to my first purchase (CT2C1607FPC-A1-E). Someone said there is another reference number for Lumia 535, so total would be three kinds. Make sure you buy the replacement piece not by the telephone model, but also exact reference number. The reference number is visible in the back connection between the glass frame and the panel connector. Good luck for everyone.


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Simple fix! Take back off phone , insulate the metal parts with insulation tape. Careful not to insulate contact points.


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