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How do I replace the stand hinge mechanism?

I need to know, from beginning to finish, how to replace the hinge mechanism on my iMac EMC 2546 (part #923-0313).

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Just so you know, there are two different parts here: P/N 923-0313 when the system has a HD. While P/N 923-0376 when the system only has a SSD only.

Juts follow the steps by watching the vedio..


Patricia ... what is the size and thickness of the support piece and the size of the holes seen in the video. I assume we will have to make this ourselves. Also, the screws put into the support piece. Where can these be bought?




OK, this is a VERY big job as most everything needs to be taken out to get to it!

If you haven't taken apart one of the newer "Thin Series" of iMac's I would recommend not even attempting it! This is were you should let Apple fix this as it will be cheaper in the long haul. Do you have an Apple Store near you? If you do I would bring it in, otherwise you may need to ship it to them.

But before we go forward here why do you think you need to replace this part?


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I have the same issue with my iMac, about 14 days post Apple Care expiration, the screen made a loud "click" sound and the screen fell forward. Then it had no ability to hold itself and the screen just fell forwards til it stopped.

Super pain in the a$$ but not sure what parts to order, or where to order from. I've pulled all the components before for an SSD swap so somewhat seasoned with a tear down.

I would still go to Apple ASAP with this! They do try to take care of you even if the the warranty expired just a few days ago. It's when its a month or two that it gets dicy. Put the system together if you took it apart make sure you do a neat job. Make sure everything is working otherwise. If not you may have lot the window here.

Mine broke 1year and 1 month after I bought it apple support phone guy Jamie said tough luck pay the 250 to get it fixed.

I'm sorry to hear that. We had two fail and Apple replaced both under warranty (one was just over a year old). You may want to work up the food chain here a bit at the Apple Store vs talking to a headless voice on the phone. Talk to the Apple Store service manager, then the store manager and the district manager if the tech won't help you. But time is against you here! The longer out it is the less of a chance they will fix it.

I think there is mixed results getting Apple to fix this. A friend of mine had this problem and I mentioned this thread. He called the Apple Store and they said bring it in. So he lugged the thing to the Apple Store and they said, "Nope. Not covered. Wear and tear." Despite that he had purchased Apple Care and it was still within the coverage time frame.

It seems like I hear more-and-more stories like this. I think I might buy a third-party warranty the next time I buy a new iMac.



Regarding the 2013 27" iMac, and it leaning forward as if it's been in captivity too long...

I have swapped the hinge mechanism on several 27" iMacs, all 2013.

Not to be confused with earlier models where you can insert a credit card in the back

to release the mechanism or any modified Vesa mount, the above models were just factory standard.

The issue is a really poor design, where 2 high tension metal springs are held in place by 2 plastic couplers. The cheap plastic couplers (if that's the correct term), eventually break, and the screen leans forward. Many users report hearing a loud crack when it breaks.

You can't adjust anything here. You can't tighten ANYTHING to fix it.

The temporary fix is to wedge some foam between the back of the display and the screen.

You have to purchase a new hinge assembly (see photo), it has the same cheap plastic couplers while the whole assembly is metal. I was unable to find just the couplers on their own, but a little imagination or a few episodes of MacGyver might help with some small washer ideas...

See the attached 2 images below

• You can see that pretty much everything has to come out of the iMac to get to the hinge.

• The second photo shows the metal hinge, with the screw that holds the "coupler" in place. The high tension metal springs (1 each side) are held in place by the flimsy plastic couplers!

A new hinge assembly is approximately $80 -$100

Don't forget the adhesive strips for the screen

Hope that helps (and makes sense).

Block Image


Block Image



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Hi. Same error as we have with our 27" iMac. I made a piece in wood that stands between the screen and the table. Works, but it is outraging that Apples uses such an idiotic solution to crucial function!

If you want to replace the hinge mechanism, there is also a simple way of repairing the old one. Just disassemble the complete hinge. Now replace the plastic couplers by metal washers. It is very hard to press thru the high tension of the metal springs. To avoid this remove the two bolds and attachment braces at both sides of the hinge. It is much easier to attach the new washers with the screws now. After attaching these assemble the braces again. Altogether no problem here, everything is working perfect again.

I fix this problem all the time. It’s the spring tensioner its made out of plastic. I fix it by using a metal washer in place of the plastic piece.


A simple fix-it is to place a rubber cane or crutch tip ( available from almost any pharmacy) between the stand and the body of the computer. It's even adjustable. And then proceed to give Apple !&&* for not making this endemic problem a recall. I had a 27 inch iMac , model 2007 for 8 years with never a hinge problem. With it's replacement a 2013 model the hinge broke after two years.


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Thanks Mark, excellent solution! Had mine propped up with Duplo blocks but wouldn't allow for adjustment.


Try this for a quick fix: www.themachack.com It slides right on and rectifies this problem in just moments.



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@Tommy - Not bad! Have you gotten one yet?

I have, it's great!

I guess I'll need to order one to try out too ;-}

Hi Tommy, mine just went CLICK today lol... thought I had been shot. I have just sent off for one of these... so pleased I found this solution as is a lot easier than taking it all to bits to repair the broken part.

Glad you found this solution, I'm sure you'll be pleased with the results!



Your iMac could be covered under an Apple 'recall' repair:


According to a new internal service document, Apple will be offering refunds to customers who paid to repair or replace a faulty iMac hinge. In the service document, Apple admits that some 27-inch iMac models shipped between December 2012 and July 2014 may have been affected by an issue with the display hinge. It would not be able to support the weight of the screen, making it impossible to adjust because it just kept tilting forward. Apple sent the internal service document to Apple Authorized Service Providers, and it was then obtained by MacRumors.

The issue stems from Apple using plastic washers in the spring mechanism, which are not strong enough to support the weight of the display. Many customers affected by this issue have reported hearing a crack or a pop sound before the hinge stopped working, which can be attributed to the plastic washers breaking.

According to MacRumors, Apple will replace the weak spring mechanism on all eligible iMac models for free, regardless of warranty coverage. Just last September, Apple extended its hinge repair warranty program to cover 2012 and 2013 iMac models for five years, up from the original three-year period.

The impact on you: If your 27-inch iMac faced this issue and you paid for a replacement or repair, you may be eligible for a refund. You can contact Apple by phone or online to initiate the refund process.

In addition, if your iMac hinge is currently broken, you can get it replaced free of charge, regardless of your warranty. Start by booking an appointment with the Genius Bar at an Apple Store or by visiting an Apple Authorized Service Provider.


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Apple no longer covering this 5 years after purchase. Just brought in today and was given the bad news

Write a polite, short email to tcook@apple.com

Got out of warranty hinge repairs approved every single time. The “genius” will just quote you policy. Go directly to the top.


Forget the $250 repair job! Go to Lowes and purchase 2"x 4ft (1.2m x 5 cm) Velcro (Industrial Strength) with the "sticky back". Place two, 2 x 3 inch pieces (the non "fuzzy side" just below the Apple Logo, place, two, 2 x 3 inch pieces of the non "fuzzy side" on the upper part of the stand, just below the upper curve. Place two *" pieces of the "fuzzy side" (note don't peel of the sticky backing and bridge the upper and lower "non sticky" pieces. Adjust the monitor face as desired.


St. Marys, GA


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Do you have a picture for this? So I can see what it looks like? Thank you for the great idea.


Because the price in Brazil to fix this by Apple after warranty expires is outrageous! Cost almost U$500 and they ask 30 days for the service. The options are fix by myself or through this piece of junk in the trash.


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I would still speak to Apple before you dismiss them! Apple often will fix a system which is just out of warranty for free! More so if it's a new design as in this case.


What I have done was quick & simple.

I used a roll of elastic bandage left over from when I sprained my ankle. I carefully rolled it back up when I no longer needed it,

I took the roll, which has a slight tacky/grip to it, and placed it between the hinge & the computer back. I can adjust it by tilting the computer upwards & letting it rest on the roll.

Two dollars for a new one at the local drugstore, and you back in business.


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