2006 Ford Focus driver side rear brake locking up?

I am working on my girlfriends 2006 Ford Focus for which the driver side rear brake was locking up. First the drum would not come off. After beating the !&&* out of it I got it off finally. I replaced the shoes, the springs, the clips, the cylinder, the emergency brake spring and the drum. I have set the adjuster to the loosest it will possibly go, I even removed the brake line from the back, put a c-clamp on the cylinder to make sure it was compressed in as far as it will go. The drum will NOT go back on. After working it with a rubber mallet I was able to get it back on though it will STILL NOT SPIN.

Any helpful suggestions would be appreciated. I have read several answers to similar questions none of which are any help at all. If you have not had this particular problem with this particular car please don't answer with most drum brakes have a gear you can adjust. This car does not have that set up. and NO... the e-brake it not on.

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