Announced on October 16, 2014, the iPad Air 2 is a thinner successor to the iPad Air.

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Touch ID function after screen replacement?

Hello everybody,

I have a question.

I am gonna replace a screen from a iPad Air 2 soon, but i am really curious about the Touch ID.

I know that the touch ID part encrypted is and that why unreplaceble is( right?).

If i replace the broken glass and use the Touch ID part for the new screen, will give this a problem?

I know it is like a iPhone 5s screen replacement but i am asking just in case.


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Zachary Hildenbrand


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Transfer the button to the new screen and everything should be ok.

For iPad Air 2, iPhone 6/6 plus, if the Touch ID button is destroyed or not paired with the logic board, the entire device is as good as paperweight.


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Thanx Tom!

I understand. That is perfect.

This is simply not true. You can easily replace just the home button, leave TouchID off, and have a perfectly functional phone. I've done it multiple times. In addition, there is a well-documented (if purposely obscure) procedure for syncing a new, replacement touchID sensor to a logic board. How do you think Apple repairs them?!?

Mark, have you heard of error 53? Also it doesn't matter if Apple has the procedure, we are not Apple.

Yes I have. Error 53 affects the touch ID, NOT the home button. It affects users who replace the touch ID without properly resyncing the hardware. This is common knowledge. It does NOT affect those who replace just the home button. Again, I have done this repair multiple times.

Furthermore, resyncing the hardware is not restricted to Apple. But that is neither here nor there, as the claim that the device is bricked is nonsense. Simply reconnecting the original touch ID, or taking the device to someone who knows how to properly fix it, like an authorized Apple repair tech, will restore FULL FUNCTIONALIRY to the device.

IT IS not bricked. So yes, it does matter if Apple has the procedure.

But if you think such devices are worth little more than paperweights, feel free to send 'em my way.

OK, just replacing the tactile switch makes sense, that's why I hope Apple can split the sensor and the switch.

Due to multiple fraudulent warranty claims, Apple now enforces stricter VMI and device checkups in China, so it is basically impossible to spoof warranty if you replace any parts that have logic built in. At least in China, bricked iphones with unauthorized repairs are just paperweights.



Check this article


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This is a different issue but similar. CAN you take a apple ipad air 2 screen assembly, (complete with the original fingerprint id button) from a working ipad, and place it in another ipad 2 air and have that home button id sync with a different MB and fingerprint will still work?



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No, only Apple has the key to make that work, nobody else has any way of hacking it.


I just did an iPad Air 2 screen replacement and used the original home button assembly. When I booted the device it gave me a message that Touch ID is not functional. The button works otherwise? Is there something I need to do to reset it?



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Because the home button communicates through the screen to the MB it could be the screen itself stopping communication (Bad Part). Also those flexes are very delicate. It's not uncommon for them to be damaged for Touch ID.



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