Canon's Rebel XT is one of Canon's early entry-level DSLR's. Also marketed as the EOS 350D and the EOS Kiss Digital N.

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Compact Flash connector pin broke. Can it be fixed?

So, I tried to put in my compact flash card, only to keep getting error messages that the card was not in. I did not want to force it, so I looked to see if a pin was bent. It turns out, it had broken off completely, and fell out.

A friend of mine borrowed my camera, and mentioned nothing about it being broken. I do not want to point a finger, but, now I cannot use my camera, as I cannot get a a compact flash memory card to connect and save photos.

Is there a way to replace that connector? Approximately how much would it cost?


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I couldn't find a guide but it can be replaced. Search Canon EOS 350D card slot replacement. I found one for $21.99. I will post a guide once I get the parts as I have one to repair as well.


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