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MIP bluetooth won't discover

Trying to use bluetooth with my iphone 6 and it never FINDS the MIP---just says discovering over and over...Thoughts?

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How to pair it and is deos'nt register

Having same issue. Tried replacing batteries, uninstalling/reinstalling app. No success. Entered a ticket on WowWee's website, but no answer yet. Will post when they do. Please update if you find a resolution.

We had the same problem. We ended up exchanging it for a new one. We knew something was not right when it wouldn't connect to any devices including an iPhone 6. As soon as we turned on the new one - it connected to our son's nexus 7. Looks like the Bluetooth was broken in the original mip.

Please can someone help me! I need the password for the bluetooth when trying to connect? Any ideas as to what it could be and where i could find it


does bluetooth on? if not do this scroll down


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Try switching Bluetooth on or off in the Settings and try pressing the refresh button in the top right. As mooka1 said, try tapping on the auto-connect screen.


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I have an LG k10 and I am haveing the same pobelm


if its stuck not the search for mip screen (has the mips jumping up and down on it) tap the screen and you should go through to another screen that allows u to pick a mip.

hope this helps.


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The MIP robot is no longer discovered with the Android 8.0 (Oreo) update (bluetooth issue). Already reported to Google.


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