transmission will not shift gears, will go into first and reverse

I have 1998 mazda protege and i have a transmission that with not shift past first gear, will go into reverse

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Hello to all,

If anyone can help me before i just give away this car that would be great.

1998 mazda protege, auto, DX 1.5 Liter

I am having transmission problems, it runs fine in 1st gear but once it tries to shift into 2nd it slips. Will not grab at all, just rev up. The R works fine to.

If anyone could tell me on what to do or help me out that would be wonderful.

If i need to replace the transmission does anyone know where i could get a rebuild one, i can put it in myself. And i guess instructions for removal and installtion i guess would help to.'

Hopefully it doesnt come to that but what has to been told has to been done. Thanks for any help everyone!