Released June 2014, identified by model 635.

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Why is my Nokia Lumia 635 speakers not working?

I am trying to listen to music on my Nokia Lumia 635 and there is no audio, and when you can hear something the audio is distorted. What can I do to fix this?

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Hi Ivy,

Have you tried a 'soft' reset on your phone?

If that doesn't work try a 'hard' reset. Be aware that a hard reset will erase all your downloaded apps and user data and restore your phone to a factory default condition. It will be like when you first bought it.

If you wish to do this back up you phone first. Then do a hard reset. Then restore your phone from the backup you made. Just take care that if it was a downloaded app that was causing the problem, by restoring it with your backup you will probably re- introduce the problem again.

The above information is on the basis that your phone has a software problem and that I haven't misinterpreted your question and that the Volume down key is literally stuck in the operated position.

Here is a link that shows what to do.

Hopefully this is of some help.


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There are two most likely issues that could be causing your speakers not to work:

(1)Bad headphones/speakers

It's unlikely your headphones or speakers are bad, but it's worthwhile to eliminate these as the source of your problem at the beginning. Try your Nokia Lumia 635 with another set of headphones or speakers just to make sure that the problem is with the Nokia Lumia 635.

(2)Bad audio jack

The most likely cause of audio output problems on Nokia Lumia 635 is a bad audio-out jack. You can purchase a new headphone jack and replace it.


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I had the same problem, but I just bought a new headset and it worked perfectly. I don't know if that will work for you, but you can give it a try!


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my phone is stuck on the volume down key nothing works as far as the volume is concended no phone call no videos no music nothing nd whn I switch t on I hv to press the volum up key toghrther with the power key otherwise it shows me the exclamation mark My Nokia has turned into my Night mare.


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Nokia Lumia 635. No sound through speakers or headphones. Won't play any videos. On windows 8.1 the volume tocker won't even come down when I press the volume keys. Have done a soft and hard reset both. I don't know what else to do.

My Nokia 630 has stopped all sound the volume on a video doesn't work anymore neither does the ringer +notifications work iv tried turning the phone off and on again but no hope please help



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