Model A1419 / EMC 2806 / Late 2014 or Mid 2015. 3.3 or 3.5 GHz Core i5 or 4.0 GHz Core i7 (ID iMac15,1); EMC 2834 late 2015 / 3.3 or 3.5 GHz Core i5 or 4.0 GHz Core i7 (iMac17,1) All with Retina 5K displays

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Is the stand removable?

Purchased the new iMac Retina two days ago and spent yesterday finding a good Samsonite hard-shell suitcase to transport it with me on a flight, like i have done with my 2009 iMac 27 for years.

Found the perfect case for it, but my heart sank when i inserted an old credit card into the slot above the stand and found that nothing happened. I did a few searches online and found conflicting info, where some say that it will *not* remove, and others say that like the 2014 non-Retina, it *will* remove.

Which is it, and if it is removable, what am i doing wrong or what has changed?

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If you are still in the need of a VESA mount for your footed iMac you might want to contact Garrett as he needed the reverse setup! VESA Mount Removal, Install new Foot


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Sadly, the new 'Thin Series' don't have a means to remove the stand foot without a complete disassembly.

While Apple did offer a VESA mount version of the newer iMac after people complained. I don't know if they offer one for the 5K model.


You can now buy the iMac 5K with a VESA mount! Here's the link: iMac with Retina 5K display and Built-in VESA Mount Adapter.


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Just like all newer iMac models the iMac 5K Retina is available either with a stand or with a VESA mount. It is unfortunate that Apple decided to go in this direction as I am about to purchase the new iMac and would like both options.

If I were to purchase a VESA mount version now, could I definitely replace the VESA mount with a stand in the future via complete disassembly? Or are the components not compatible in the newer models?

There are VESA mount desktop stands, granted its not the 'Apple' foot. And no you can't then buy the foot to then mount to the system as the mounting system is different.

Thank you Dan.

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I am sorry to have been so silent while you fine folks answered my question...i had to frantically find a bigger (as not to say "big-a$$*) suitcase and foam to safely transport my new iMac Retina from San Francisco to Munich as check-in luggage...scary stuff, and %#*@ you, Apple, for un-doing a perfectly good system...annoying to think that they would go out of their way to dis-allow proper transportation for us traveling producer types...i've had a perfectly great way to transport my previous iMacs with a nice Samsonite hard-shell case, and have now had to resort to some huge, barely-legal piece of monstrosity luggage that makes getting to and arriving at airports a real drag.

Thanks for breaking it to me, Darin and Dan...when i tried to score the answer i wasn't logged in, i guess, and as soon as i hit the "up" arrow on the score to move it to "1" it asked me for my login credentials and as soon as i typed them in and hit "Submit" it wouldn't let me change that "1" anymore...what is the highest score one can give, and sorry for not being able to change it now...or can i?



The thin bezel iMac is chocked full of sacrifices...

For no logical reason but somebody thought the thin bezel would look cool... The worst part is the glass is taped on... That's right a freaking Mickey Mouse method... TAPE.... And after you cut the tape you have to go buy new double sticky tape to re-tape the display back on, of course there’s no DVDs slot... Where would you put it?

Form is supposed to follow Function, not the other way around...


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We moved onto Mac Pro's as our standard desktops for the engineers and will slowly replace the other iMac systems with mini's.


If you want both, buy an adaptor. I got an adapt ore that attaches to the hole in the stand with a plate above that supports 75 and 100mm VESA mounts. I have my 21.5" 4K I have exclusively for my studio on a fully articulating arm that allows me many position options. Like pulling far off the wall and turning it 45 degrees so it's like it's on a non existent desk.

Perfect since a zero g chair (the ones that recline all the way until your upside down) with large casters I put on it to roll around and a theater couch are the only things touching the floor in my hybrid theater/man cave/ recording studio (except when I bring in a drummer to record). My guitars hang on the wall across from the Mac with my accessories in pelican cases slid in a shelf I built that doubles as my projector stand in a 3'x3' closet I added onto the back of the room. Complete with a electromagnetic locked door that is impossible to find when closed.

With the Mac mounted to the wall adjacent to a wall that has one of my 85" Sony 4K's recess mounted so it can give way to my theater screen that comes down when it's movie time. on a screen that comes down over my tv.

All of that was simple. My 7.1 surround system was a little tougher. Ha. Just say my walls are virtually speaker boxes. It's great seeing people jump when it's pumping and they are near what they think is an AC return metal grill is actually a 15" sub. Ha. And that's not getting into the ceiling speakers wired to the tv for casual tv viewing.

Any of you need help designing anything A/V? I just finished building a pair of speakers with 8 4" full range neodymium full range and 2 12" eminence Pro Kappa 12"s in each. I bet no one can guess how I wired them so the 8 8ohm speakers ended up with an overall rating of 6.5ohms... That's above 4ohms and below 16ohms which are the ONLY two possibilities according to 'experts'.

I apologize for my verbosity. The part of my brain that allows me to make a living writing music is also leads to this. A stream of consciousness description of my space when I just set out to tell you guys that for $12, you can make any Mac wall, arm, pole, or stand mountable.

Of course there's another solution I came across when I decided to take multiple Mac Minis and ext HDD's and build a whole home media server. Get the top of the line model and mount it either to the back of your TV(which is the monitor) or to the wall behind your wall mounted TV. I'm a mini fan! Just wish they were record quality. And while they are technically 4K, their fps isn't up to snuff. If you already have a rarely used flat screen like 90% of us or just want to hook it to your main tv, the top model mini is enough Mac for anyone not wanting audiophile quality digi recordings that are near analog quality or don't perform Video editing for a living.


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Hi Erik, You have quite a setup!

But sadly, the issue here was more than just mounting the system to a VESA mount to attach to a desk. In this case the issue was being able to ship the system in a smaller package (suitcase). Ideally, it was so it could be carried onboard an airplane. This is why they wanted the VESA mounted system.

Hi Erik, Could you let me know how you mounted your iMac to the wall. Mine is a 27" 5K 2016 model and Apple tell me it can't be done. Your help would be appreciated.

does anyone know if they will do it at the Apple Store? I spent hours attaching the articulating arm to the brick wall of my 1940's home and felt accomplished AF, only to realize that I was not able to remove the stand, after sticking almost everything up there to try and "catch the click." I called support and they weren't sure if the Genius Guys would do it cause no one was answering the phone at my local store.

Sorry @wez1975 - Apple won't exchange your standard foot to a VESA mount. They will happily sell you a new system instead! ;-{

The best you can do is get an adapter unit like this one: NewerTech NuMount VESA Adapter for iMac which mounts to the foot to then give you a VESA mount that way

Thank you for that, you may have shared that in previous posts but I have terrible attention to details. Thanks again.


This will answer questions for others that like find this post on google after searching for mounting the iMac on a wall or arm

To the original travel question: Take the iMac on your lap in the plane.

To the vesa mount question :

Drill baby drill!

21 or 27 Imac Ergonomic Mount Installation Instructions without a VESA mount


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To the travel question, I am transporting mine on a flight. You need to remove the screen then the psu and logic board. There is a row of 9 xT8 screws where the stand attaches, remove these and the stand comes off. the reverse process is needed at the other end or alternatively fit a vesa mount. This is a workaround as the screen needs to come off every time, not ideal but workable for me as I’m only doing one trip and I want to change the PCIe SSD anyway.


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