Why some keys not working

some keys of keyboard not working

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same problem occurs on the lenovo ideapad 110-15isk

the H and G keys dont work along with the " and esc and some other command keys, is there any fix to this problem please tell me!


If some keys do not work properly on your laptop (for instance, C, M,Q,V keys do not type at light touching - you must press them hardly and longly - some 3-7 seconds), then all suggestions to reinstall the keyboard driver and so on are rubbish.

The solution is as follows: Just open the bottom of your laptop, remove the battery (or lift it) and unfold the soft bands under it (or fold them otherwise).

I had 2 Asus laptops of different models and that action resolved the problem in both. Usually that problem arises 3-rd year of laptop's use


Hi osama nasr,

Wich keys are not working? Could you be more specific?



having same issue the g and h keys not working and track pad intermidently stops untill i press a key


the keyboard touchpad should stop working while keys are activly being pressed,