Model A1418 / Late 2012 / 2.7 & 2.9 GHz Core i5 or 3.1 GHz Core i7 Processor

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I need a firmware dump for A1418 M/B 820-3588-a

I need a firmware dump for A1418 M/B 820-3588-a

anybody help me?

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i need dump of efi eeprom chip,

anybody help me?

I doubt anyone has made the effort to create a raw image and if they have it will likely not be this newer model. This is not the best place to ask as well.

Why are you so dead-set against going to an Apple Store or sending your system to Apple? Given the amount of work to even opening this system and then popping off the EEROM chip and try to recover your image to then patch it up is a very big job. If your EEROM is damaged you then have a much harder job. I should point-out the firmware has parts that are encrypted as well here.


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If your system is running you can check your firmware and update it following this Apple TN: EFI and SMC firmware updates for Intel-based Macs.

If your firmware is damaged you will need to replace the EFI EEPROM chip after you have burn't it with a fresh image.

If you bring your system in to an Apple Store they maybe able to fix it for you under extended warranty. If you bring it into an authorized services system they will only replace the logic board and not under warranty.


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ok i need dump of efi eeprom chip, my firmware is damaged

Given the age of your system I would bring it into an Apple Store as this should be a free repair (extended warranty).

Creating a raw image requires taking a system apart de-soldering the chip and then using a EEROM programer make an image file. Every Mac series has its own firmware and each EEROM has a unique serial number so you can't just copy it in the raw state. If you are lucky you have a saved image of the updatable part and hopefully that is were yours is bad. Take a look at this: Mounting the EFI Boot Partition on Mac OS -X. Heres a bit more on setting up the needed programing setup: EFI Programming on Mac OS X and lastly heres the needed software: EFI Dev Kit.

i have a eeprom programer and i can solder and change serial number and more more

i need backup of eeprom chip of working iMac A1418 main board 820-3588-a


Salut les amis est ce que quelqu'un pourai me dire la manipulation a faire pour remettre le firmware dorigine de mon bios sur mon imac 21,5p fin 2012 1418 2544 svp jai commander mon programmeur ezp2010 merci

Hi friends is that anyone could tell me the manipulation to do to restore the firmware of my bios on my imac 21,5p end of 2012 1418 2544 please I order my programmer ezp2010 thank you


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