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My iPod has water damage, it works but screen is black

I dropped my ipod in the toilet, took it out straight away, dried it and carried on using it. I didn't know that your meant to power it off to not cause any permanent damage after a few minutes the screen started flickering and the brightness randomly changed. I left it to charge for the night, I woke up the next morning and the screen didn't work. However, I could still use it as the touch still worked and the ipod seemed to be working fine. I could play music and turn on games but I had to guess what I was pressing. I'm not sure if this is any easy fix? Maybe I just have to replace the LCD and digitizer? Please help.

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''iPod needs opened up and cleaned with ISO alcohol it's the corrosion that causes the worst damage in water damage ..

Clean it then reassemble and access the damage again if still black then a new screen must be tryed


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I honestly did the same thing and it was working fine but it started flickering and it turned off but it works and I have to know what I am touching like I'm blind



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