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iPod touch has no backlight

I have tried multiple lcds and all have the same problem where the backlight will not turn on. the same lcds work perfect on a different logic board. this logic board has water damage but works fine except it will not make the backlight work. what part on the board needs replaced? anyone have a schematic?

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What iPod touch generation do you have ?

I have been working on the 1st generation 8gb and 16gb models so far. this one with the backlight problem is a 8gb


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since some iPhones have the same problem, i would say that a coil is fried.

Block Image

i found a picture on a gsm forum and the number 2 should be responsible for your problem.

some a replacing the fried part with parts from nokia bb5 series or SonyEricsson phones


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Hey thanks i think i will try that one then. im new to this tech stuff i am trying to train myself. i have some extra logic boards laying around i will attempt to solder in that piece. i have another one that works perfect now except the wifi doesn't work. can you switch out that top portion above the ribbon where the antenna is or are you just stuck at that point?

it's not easy to change the coil - no real chance with a soldering iron - i use a hot air rework station for those parts and even than it's not easy. is the wifi totally dead? don't ever think to change the communications part ;-)

when you turn on the unit in the settings it just says "no wifi"

well i wanted to attempt the coil but i don't know what to do now, i can't find any video on youtube about the change either.

ok i watched the air rework station and it looks like something i can do. how do you reinstall the coil? is it a solder?

The problem are the "glued" parts - this is whay those kind of repairs are not easy. soldering with hot air or infrared light are some times the only way to fix something, but there are many ways you could fry the logicboard



Sorry to bump a year old thread but the topics contained are relevant to my needs. I also have an Ipod touch 1st gen having the same issue, I have replaced the battery, the lcd, and the transformer highlighted in this tutorial however I am still having the same issue. There are no signs of water damage, or any destroyed components. Are there any I/O management ICs or controller chips I should try replacing? Any additional assistance would be much appreciated.


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I found this coil to be the problem when I replaced the battery.


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