The HTC Desire is the first smartphone of the Desire series developed by HTC.

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I don't know why but my phone won't charge

I don't know what happen to my HTC Desire phone but it just won't charge anymore. Can anyone help me or tell me how to fix it or tell me a store that I could take it to that's a good cheap price.

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My phone Asus the battery is "0"% ?..

But my battery not removable how will I do?? Plans help me..

my htc m7 phone shut down abruptly when i was sending a file from a laptop,i have tried all the above solutions and non is working .the phone cant charge and power on. i have noticed the laptop recognizes when connected via usb

I’ve cleaned the port and restarted the phone using that volume down button + power button and it’s still not charging. My PC can’t see my phone when I plug it in .Any help?


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Hold the volume down button and the power button at the same time. About 30 secs. Phone will vibrate and turn on.

I thought my HTC wasn't charging as well, but doing the above fixed it.


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thanks for the advice I had the same problem

I have a HTC desire 510. I noticed yesterday it wasnt charging in my car so I decided when I got home to plug it into an outlet to charge it that way because sometimes it doesn't charge in my car. I was tired so I went to bed and left it charging overnight. When I woke up I noticed it was still charging and it said 1% even though I left on the charger the entire night. It won't even turn on. So I was looking online and it told me to press the power button and the volume buttons at the same time for 30 seconds to 2 minutes and it will reboot itself. I already tried that and nothing worked. Pressing the buttons won't work I checked the charger in the outlet and both are fine I even checked inside of the phone and it to me it looks fine to me. I really need to charge my phone because I'm trying to get an apartment my wife does not have a phone in service I'm also using it for jobs I don't have any money left because it all went to the apartment to get a new phone. Does anybody know what this might be

Try pressing the power and volume button again. Sometimes u have to try it a few times before it works. If not try removing the battery for 10 seconds,plug in the charger and replace the battery. good luck.

oh.thank you for the advice.i have HTC desire 626 and now its been and hour trying to fix it and it was not opening .i put my phone for charging at night and woke up and found my phone switched off by was not turning on.i was trying other USB charging tools and connecting to PC but nothing.i was losing hope my phone was dead for good.haha.thank you.

Thanks a bunch it worked for me instantly




Is the phone works when the battery is charged?

Can the PC see the phone when you connect it?

Do you try with another micro USB cable, charger?

If yes, you can have:

- bad battery

- broken USB, charging connector or charging line on the mother board

- damaged charging i.c.

- broken battery pin connector



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The phone works when I charge my battery with the universal battery chargers. I have try charging it with the usb wires and the charger itself but it won't work

Just to clarify. It charges with a Universal battery charger but not when plugged into a USB port correct? If the Universal charger is an AC charger (wall outlet) and you are using a computer for a USB port, then your issue is most likely your battery as ZServices already pointed out.

Hi my phone is not charging some time it charges for only 1_2% and it stop charging it Show ! Sign in battery ..someone plz answer

Thats what mine keeps doing. Still trying to fix it. If you keep phone plugged in then hit power an volume down button. A screen should show with reboot options. If you can get it reboot try all options. Ive gotten mine to turn on finally but still working on it


If your phone spends a lot of time in your pockets, check the connection port on the phone for any lint, hair or debris that might be preventing your charging cable from making solid contact. We recommend using a small toothpick or non-metallic object to clean it out. Compressed air might also be helpful.


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Any help? My phone charge only at 15% not going further... waited for about 10 minutes still the same any help?


I had the same issue and none of these worked unfortunately. I had to hold the power button down and the two volume buttons with my hand. Wait for about a minute or two. Then I think release if it doesn’t come on and press the power button, then it comes on. Along these lines, it worked for me.


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I’ve cleaned the port and reset my phone and it still isn’t charging. My PC can’t see it. Any help?


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My phone is charging but it takes hours to do so, it used to take much little time before.

Also, I used to be able to use my phone fine while chargung but not even if it is charging and I use it, battery becomes low. Please help


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