The second generation of the iPad with Wi-Fi, GSM and CDMA models. Some models were refreshed before the iPad 3. Repair is difficult and requires heat and prying.

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Display screen colors distorted

My little sister dropped my iPad 2 on the floor. The colors on the screen are a bit out of their normal color. The screen looks a bit also like an old version of a t.v. with scratching lines. The keyboard is green. Once you unlock the iPad the screen looks like the colors of a 3-D screen. Help please!

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It worked! Who would think 10 whacks on the back would fix it but it did! Thank you..........

The screen is green. Tapping did not work.

OMG it worked. Thanks

I left my iPad in the car and it overheated then chasing my screen to be distorted in color. I let it cool off for a while in hopes that's what it was. Whacking it really helped. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!

my fathers ipad is doing the same thing like the version of and old tv. Help!



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Before you go replacing the LCD try giving the back of the iPad a solid smack with your hand. There are many cases where the iPad has been dropped knocking the LCD cable slightly loose. Hitting it may knock it back in place. Do a search on this site and you'll see many examples of this.


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Found out from other forums that way to fix it is to turn it over and give it ~10 slaps on the back! Believe me it works ( got it off other forums )

Can confirm the smack on the rear case does work

Lol that worked I can't believe it!

I was extremely skeptical of this, specially because mine seemed to be much more skewed than what others seemed to be reporting. I tried it and it improved drastically but still wasn't back to normal so a few more pops and presto, it was like magic! Who ever said violence solves nothing!

Well this definitely works. Dropped mine just now and was in despair - until I decided to give it some good smacks....and fixed.



A hard smack on the back--left side will set it right---for now. Ultimately you'll need to open that sucker up and properly re-seat the LCD cable.


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thank you it worked

this is not working for me. Do I need to get the cable properly reseated?

Make sure it's on the left side, middle to top. Worked great for me.

Omg it actually worked!!! Don't think this is a hoax--dropped iPad last night and colors were totally off. Three good whacks to the back left and totally back to normal! Wow!

OMG indeed! I dropped it in its case and the colors were totally off, scrambled, it wasn't usable. Ten whacks to the upper middle left and presto! Woohoo! Saved me an expensive repair bill. GREAT advice!!!



So I just knocked my iPad off the side and my screen went very fuzzy and the colours changed,I read this and I smacked it a few times on the back and nothing seemed to have happened,I then smacked all parts of the back of the iPad,I turned it back round and it had looked like nothing had happened however when I was scrolling down to read a few more of the suggestions,I had started panicking at this point however I was scrolling down for more for approxametly 20 seconds,I looked back at my screen to try another suggestion and then it was SUDDENLY back to normal if not better I 100% recommend trying this as it worked an absolute dream for me x


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Can I get it changed at the istore? It's less than one year old.


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Yooooooooo this is crazy but me and my roomate were making crazy videos and my ipad fell...started getting distorted. I thought it was done for. I joked that if i just slapped it like it fell maybe it would magically work. Googled ipad display problems and found this site. Blown away at all the actuall responses to just smack it....butttteerraa ya girl did it and my baby is back in business!!! Took about a min bit it worked!!!!!!!!!! Hallellujah


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You are a life saver. Smacked 20-30 times and left it for over 2 mins aaanddd Its alive



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