maglite mini 2 AA xenon flashlight by maglite

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used Ikea AA, after a year, how can get the battery out?

I believe the batteries diameter are too tight to fit in the flashlight. How can I push it out?

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To get to the battery out unscrew the battery end cap and lens assembly end cap. Remove the bulb putting aside safely. Then pull on the black plastic bulb switch disk equally from both sides (press-fitted into the tube).

At this point you should see the batteries from each end. But before you start pushing the battery out see if you can shake one free if you can't follow these steps first.

If the battery leaked, use some White Vinegar on a cotton swab (Q-Tip) slightly wet to wipe down the areas. You will likely need to go over the areas a few times to fully neutralize the leaked salts. Once you have go over the areas again with plain water to neutralize the Vinegar.

If the battery has swelled you will need to lube the inter tube a bit and get some lube down the side of the battery. You do want to be careful here as to much oil will not be good either ;-}

I would recommend using a cotton swab slightly moistened (on the drier side) with some WD40 and wipe the inter tube area. To get some lube around the battery get the swab wetter with the WD40 this time place the swab directly on the exposed battery letting the lube spill out of the swab across the battery. You just want enough to creep along the sides (don't flood it with lube).

Using a wood dowel thats close to the same size of the battery and at least 3 times the length of the flashlight mounted in a vise so the whole flashlights and a bit more worth of wood is exposed press the tube on to the dowel with some slight hand pressure does it move a bit? If it does turn the tube around and try from the other direction. You may need to add some more lube where the battery moved. Do this slowly at which point the battery should push out.

If you can't budge it you can try a block of wood with a hammer to bang the tube down over the dowel the only problem here is the tube will deform if you bang to hard destroying the flashlight.

Good Luck!


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