Apple 发布了 MacBook Pro 15 寸配备 Retina 显示屏,拥有 2880 x 1800 分辨率。

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Battry not Recognized after Liquid Spill

Was given a dead 2013 15" macbook pro that was dead due to liquid spill. Removed motherboard and cleaned with 99% isopropyl alcohol. The macbook came back to life! Everything worked with the exception of the left "Shift", "Control", and "option" keys. Additionally, the battery icon say "no battery available". I ordered a new keyboard, and a new battery. After installing new keyboard and battery I still have the same problem of the three keys that don't work and battery not recognized and not charging.

Installed Coconut Battery and the program crashes when launched.

Interested in knowing where the charging circuit is on the logic board.

If you are going to say something like take it to Apple. Please don't bother commenting.

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Had you looked around you could find many possible answers here. No amount of cleaning will cure physical damage. You have either missed corrosion spots, or more likely, the liquid blew out components on the board.

I know of no way other than the Mark-1 Eyeball & and a magnifier to identify swollen or shorted (burned) components. This is a very advancedl DIY project. Desoldering and soldering of logic boards requires special tools, solder and lots and lots of practice. Unless you have much experience and knowledge in small electronic/computer repair IMHO it's a job best left to a professional. There are vendors on e-bay who claim to repair/remanufacture damaged logic boards.

You can remove and replace the logic board (an advanced DIY repair - difficult but not as impossible as repairing a damaged board). It requires complete disassembly and reassembly of the entire computer.

Same with the keyboard replacing the top case assembly (easy) or just the keyboard (masochistic) are the two solutions to your key problems.

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