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screen flicker MacBook Air Mid 2012

I hope you have advise on my following issue. I have a Macbook Air mid 2012 out of garantee.

I use it with bootcamp to either run it in Win 7 or Mavericks.

On both OS the screen will start to flicker randomely. More on Mavericks then on Win 7. Also it did happen with previous versions of OS X.

The lower I set the resolution the less issues I get, but still they do occur. Could the LCD cable be the pulprit here or does this sound like a graphic chip/mainboard issue? What can be replaced with the air?

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Did you get your system wet or sit it down in a puddle? I would pull the cover off and do an inspection. What do you see? Post a good picture or two here for us to see.


It doesn't take much moisture to effect things. I would still look for corrosion around the LVDS connector on the main logic board as I've seen that before.

If you connect an external monitor to your system do you encounter the same issue? If not then you should focus your efforts on the LCD logic. That would be the LCD panel, LDVS cable and its connections; and the main logic board. As you noted the flickering is less after the system has been on for awhile I would suspect the WLED driver could have a cold solder joint.


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Hi thanks for the suggestion....no neither of that happened. Also, just in my mind...if water had gone into the laptop I would think the problems should be "pretty much" the same every time. I can have a day without problems and then a day where I start of bad (cold) and then it keeps getting better (warm).

It somehow reminds me of the issue that occured to some of the Macbook Pros where there was screen flicker and after re-heating the graphics chip (baking) it stopped for them...

Also that at lower resolutions it seems to work better, to me indicates more HW failure then water damage....and I on the wrong track...?

The baking idea is a bad one (it never really worked to well with the NVIDIA GPU chip issue).

I followed your advice and connected a external monitor...picture is constantly stable...also the lcd screen then becomes stable....strange or not...What is different when an external monitor is connected? Is more power being drawn to the graphics card? and with two screens active that is just enough?

Dan you said if picture becomes stable with external monitor to look at the LCD logic....

Based on the new findings with a stable screen on external and LCD is that still your advice?

Dan, thx for looking at this in the first place!!

Kind regards Axel

How odd it would stabilize when you plugged in the external monitor. I still think you have corrosion or a cold solder joint on the logic board. Have you pulled the bottom cover off yet? What do you see, compare to the IFIXIT images in the MacBook Air 11" Mid 2012 Logic Board Replacement guide.



can anyone tell me if they know maybe the problem here with my screen... Its not flickering always but most of the time... here is a video of it... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D2LEVvgW... can someone mail me on jmovie@gmail.com


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A bar like you have is not a flicker its a damaged driver logic on the back of your display. You'll need a new display assembly.


My MacBook Air 2011 flickers. I plug in a thunderbolt vga adaptor and it becomes stable. I boot from a live Linux distro and I don't see the flickering. I boot from OS X installer flash and still flickers. Weird. Any ideas ?


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Hi, I am having the same issue in my 2014 Macbook Air 11. It was working fine till last week when i used it, and last night when i switched it back on, the screen started flickering. When I connect to the monitor the flickering goes away, but it comes back. It is not water damaged laptop. The replacement board is like $200, is there a cheaper way to fix it?




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If the full screen is flickering then your backlight logic on the main logic board is having problems. Its possible to repair the logic board. You need to find someone with the deeper skills to figure out what is damaged and access to the needed parts. Otherwise your only hope is a logic board swap-out.



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