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Display, flickering green lines

I have a mid 2009 17in MBP 2.8GHz.

The screen/display flickers with green symmetrical lines at random times. Its makes watching a video or gaming frustrating. They so up almost symmetrical around images.

I did find a temporary fix doing a google search.

If I apply pressure with my hand to the bottom of the laptop underneath the area of the left option key, it magically goes away. When I release the pressure it comes back.

Is there a permanent fix?

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I have exactly the same issue with the same MBP model. The green color is replacing the black tones onscreen but if I apply a little torsion on the bottom case the issue dissapears. I get a perfect image on external monitor (you check this). Removed the back panel and inspected video cable and socket, pushed on the logic board at many places with a spudger but issue stays on. I think it's a cold solder joint somewhere on the other side of the logic board. Did not tested it yet.

I also have this issue. Has anyone found a fix?




There are a couple of things you can checkout, hopefully one will resolve the issue. Are you up to it? do you have the correct tools and work area (ESD mat & strap) and lastly the skills to work with delicate parts? If you do read on.

At this point you need to know what kind of trauma you system encountered as that will help in fingering out what direction you will need to go. As an example did you drop or bang your system or did something spill into it or did you sit it onto a wet surface? Also has the system been serviced before or is the system used?

If you don't know you'll need to open the bottom plate to inspect things. Let us know what you discover and well guide you to the next steps.


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Yes, I am up for the task. Do I have the correct tools? I highly doubt it. My skills are limited but I am desperate to fix this issue.

I am the only user of this Macbook and bought it brand new back in 2009. This system has never been serviced.

The system has dropped a handful of times.

My wife spilled dry oats all over the keyboard

I opened my bottom plate about a week ago and cleaned out most of the dust. I didn't see anything out of the norm, but then again I don't know what to look for.

I’m really enjoying this site, If i can fix this problem I will be changing out my battery and upgrading my ram next! I am also upgrading as we speak to Maverick from 10.6.8! I cant believe I didn't know about Maverick..

I did some pricing on the mat and strap, about 30$ from amazon and I can have it within a few days. Are both of these tools a must?

I do recommend using one as ESD can kill your system. Yes, you might get away with out it but is saving $30 worth burning out a $300+ logic board or display?

what am I checking out, exactly?


For now just take the bottom off and take a look around compare logic board & connectors for damage Vs the IFIXIT guide pictures as a reference. Do you see stains and corrosion? Do the connectors look like they haven't been damaged?



What I believe is happening to your machine is your GPU is de-soldering itself from the Logic Board causing the green lines in your video. My guess is you will eventually lose video all together or have the green and pink lines permanently.

Since lead solder has been banned, lead-free solder tends to crystallize and crack over time which causes the separation. While gaming and watching videos you put extra stress on the GPU. Also letting the laptop breath is important to keep it cool. Leaving the machine running on a couch or other soft surface causes it to overheat which is the biggest cause of the GPU failure.

We see it all the time most commonly in the HP DV series of laptops.

You need a high quality re-flow/re-work station to do the repair. We have a service to fix that problem for $69.95 if interested.


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Thank you for the reply and your insight on my situation. Not sure if it matters but I don’t have any pink lines, just green and I’ve had this problem probably at least six months. I do find it odd that a little pressure under the laptop cures the issue temporarily. Is there anything I can look for that will confirm your theory? I would hate to pay 70$ for nothing if the problem ends up being something different... I just downloaded a new app that lets me control my fans, I have the fans set to be on always, to keep the temp down. I'm not too worried about battery life since my laptop needs to be plug in 90% of the time anyway. I guess wear and tear will come quicker to the fans with this configurations. I have also notice that my memory is using a little of my HD to operate tasks, though I’m sure that has nothing to do with it. One more thing, Im using the dedicated graphics card all the time. Is there a website for your bussiness for me to check out and are you reputable on this site?

well, I have that same issue. I have been testing and poking around, cleaning connectors, twisting the whole lower case (and it disappears momentarily)... So far it is working after having pressed gently but firmly (with a plastic pen end) on the LFXP2-5E little black silicon piece... !

I will post again if it appears again or if I find a more definitive solution !

hope it helps



What is your service to fix this problem?


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