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When I removed the battery contact clip I pulled 4 pins off?

I was replacing the battery on my iPhone, following directions, and when I went to remove the contact clip four of these pin came off. They seemed to be sautered on the motherboard. I have read about this problem before, others ripped off the pins as well as metal squares too. I think that in the ifixit directions for a battery replacement, something needs to be added warning fixers, "be extremely careful when detaching the contact clip, so you do not damage the motherboard.

**Photos attached

Block Image

Block Image

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I don't see pictures. But did you pry carefully and remember to unscrew stuff? If you did rip connectors off then you need to have mad skills with soldering to repair it, although I have seen people advertise that they repair it on ebay (don't know if they are good though). If you fix the images, I can be more help.


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I have re-uploaded the pictures. yes I remembered to unscrew stuff, but I might off pried to hard.

the solders are clearly broken, so if you don't have the necessary skill (or desire to learn), you are pretty much limited to paying someone else to fix that issue. sorry to bring the bad news


This isn't hard for a professional to fix--eBay $30

Feel free to contact me if you'd like some tips to try it yourself.



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