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name of the port in my MacBook Pro 4,1

I have an old projector. and a mac book pro. I Have tried to buy an adapter to join these two together. I got a Mini Display port to VGA adaptor..and it wont fit into my port. The man at the shop cannot identify which port i have...My SMC version is 1.27f3 my serial number is W88431XWYJY does anyone out there know what my port is ? When I go into my hardware overdrive I dont know what Im looking for...

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VGA output provided by included Apple DVI-to-VGA adapter, S-video output provided by optional adapter (sold separately). Apple DVI to whatever in (HDMI or whatever Apple DVI-> video connector you can locate).

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Thankyou machead 3 ...Apple DVI is what I need fit my laptop..Very kind regards Lucy



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