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Replacement keyboard still not working after liquid spill.

My daughter spilled blowing bubble solution all over the right side of my early 2011 MacBook Pro. I turned it off and upside down as soon as possible, and disassembled it late that night. Cleaned the keyboard and all plastic backings and reassembled. Everything worked fine except about 7-8 keys on the right side of the keyboard where the bubbles hit first.

I ordered the Chinese replacement keyboard from Amazon and installed it last night. It fit fine and works fine 'except the same 7-8 keys on the right. The replacement keyboard did not come with replacement plastic films. Is it possible that those could be effecting the keys not contacting properly?

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Those films are where the circuits are printed and what shorted out. Some companies on eBay sell the complete replacement kits.


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There are circuits for the keyboard besides the backlights on these films?



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