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Battery won't charge and Date, Time resets

I see that Rick asked a similar question (21 Feb or so) and has not provided additional details so here is my problem, with as much detail as possible.

My daughter's PB will not charge (shows 0% in menu bar) and no green lights on the battery itself when connected to the AC thus this is obviously a dead battery.

And, it does run when connected to the AC supply so I believe the DC-IN board is still good.

Since she can not afford to purchase the battery right now, she has continued to use it via the AC supply.

Now, whenever she turns on the laptop, she gets the message during boot that the Time/Date has been reset to 24 March 2001 but when the boot is complete, the menu bar shows 7 Dec 1969. Strange.

She resets the date/time and uses the PB.

Is it possible the PRAM Battery is also bad, maybe due to running the laptop without a functioning battery?

PRAM Batteries are fairly inexpensive ($39.95 here) and the replacement guide is straight forward and relatively easy (I know it says Difficult under difficulty) .

So I am going to purchase a new battery but need to know if I should also by a PRAM battery...


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Well stated question +


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Hi, If her computer is losing the time and date the PRAM battery is probably bad. Since you feel confident in replacing it I would go ahead and replace it. Ralph


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Agreed +


First, StevieB: Which battery was replaced, the main / external battery or the PRAM / internal battery?

And $39.95 for the internal battery?

Second, liz: It sounds like you need a new battery. The same thing happened with my PB. Replacing the battery took care of the problem. I ordered a replacement battery from Amazon for under $30. It arrived about 50% charged, and when it was inserted in the PB, the power connector turned orange (charging).

The old, failed battery had one status light (of the five) that was flashing rapidly.


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OK, she replaced the battery and now the computer works normally. Sees the network, connects...even keeps the correct time and date.

Now I am really confused...

Any one know why?


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The battery provides power to the logicboard/PRAM even when the computer is switched off, i reckon. When you remove the power adapter and the battery it should lose time/date again. In that case you'll really need a new PRAM battery. Other scenario: the PRAM battery itself is rechargable. Perhaps it recovered with a new main battery in the machine.


battery will not take a charge i cant even get the computer to turn on or anything an when i plug the charger in light will be orange one min then yellow the next like its a bad port or charger maybe its the battery i really dont know i get nothing out of it but the charger light


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i think you should by pram battery



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