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How to fix when battery corroded

Battery corroded in my Bose Quietcomfort 2 and now they won't work. Called Bose, no help. Attempted to clean the connectors, still won't work. Any suggestions, please help!!!

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This recommendation absolutely worked for me. You must try this before you take more invasive measures.


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My favorite method to fix this is using a q-tip with baking soda and water. I usually just moisten the q-tip and then dip it in the baking soda then i scrub away the battery acid.


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I'm sorry. What is a q-tip with baking soda and water? Thanks!


Vinegar is supposed to remove alkaline battery corrosion. I used a q-tip and vinegar to restore my Bose QC2s, and then was careful to never store them with the battery inside. Unfortunately, despite this, they developed the same problem again (not turning on when a good battery is inserted), and this time vinegar has not been able to make them work.

I can barely see inside, but the anode at the bottom ("-" side) looks corroded brown rather than green. Perhaps a different issue. I can't believe how fragile these super expensive headphones have been. I'll try more drastic measures to clean inside there...not much to lose at this point.


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it worked !! the Qtip submerged in vinegar worked. clean the battery compartment real good! Thank you thank you. I was going to return my headset but now I am going to keep it.

The light should turn Green..on QC 15

This worked for me- Bose headphones fixed. Thanks so much!!


Hi dcar,

I would suggest to use fine sand paper and use it on the corroded metal battery holder part until you get it to look like metal again. Then use alcohol of some sort to clean it off. To avoid getting dust inside tape off any holes from battery compartment to the product before sanding.

best of luck.


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