The Dell XPS M1330 can be identified by its model number: DQPQPD1. The laptop itself has a red outer casing, with a silver keyboard. This model was released on June 26th, 2007.

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The battery does not charge when connected to AC


I have a problem with my laptopo dell xps m1330 the battery does not charge when connected to AC, but it works fine when the battery charge in another laptop and buy a new charger AC adapter and still does not charged.


I am sorry English is not my native language.

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It sounds like you might have damaged the "male" pin inside your laptop that connects your adapter to the laptop. I would suggest looking in the port to see the condition of the pin. If it has been pushed in, you could gamble your luck in taking the laptop apart and repositioning the pin (You might have to do some soldering). If the pin has been completely broken off then you will most likely need to go into further repair by soldering on a new port.

I hope that helps a little bit. Best of luck.


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I solved it by buying a 90W-Ac adapter from a dell 1530.Maybe it will help?


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it seems like power jack needs a soldering job as it is not charging the battery. you tube the tutorial for soldering power jack of your laptop model and see if you can do it yourself other wise take it to a local electrician shop and have it solder for you. I would suggest you to take it to a electrician shop instead of trying it yourself as over-soldering can permanently damage the power jack.

Good luck.


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Dell m1330. Apparent failure of original battery. Replacement battery obtained. Work mostly with AC adaptor connected. Later noted that the battery was charging but down to 50% of its capacity. Removed the AC adaptor and allowed battery to discharge to 1%. Replaced the AC Adaptor. Battery shown as charging but no rise above 1%. Laptop operational from a charged battery and from the AC adaptor. Battery good. Adaptor good. internal physical or control failure in the area of the charging circuitry within the laptop? This is a much investigate problem to which the 'experts' and even Dell themselves appear to have no answer. I have read many of the questions and answers on this particular challenge but have not managed to sift out a definitive response. It must be within the capability of the computer engineering community to point the answer to this very narrowly defined problem. Dell themselves have not publised a fix despite the longevity of defect reporting. If I am mistaken, tell me Dell.


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