Model A1237 or A1304 / 1.6, 1.8, 1.86, or 2.13 GHz Core 2 Duo processor

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Hinge broke and connector cracked

Hi Everyone:

A few google searches brought me to this wonderful site and I hope I can have my issue resolved.

The issue at hand is that I dropped my Macbook Air :( and one of the hinges broke. I opened up the machine and it looks like the black cable that is under the hinge snapped as well.

What's the best way to get this fixed at a low cost?

What parts and tool kit will I require? The LCD screen is intact and doesn't look damaged whatsoever. I'm pretty handy and should have no issue fixing this but I am curious to know what I will need to fix this. Any help would be amazing.

Thanks for taking the time to read/respond to this, your help is greatly appreciated!

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Stop using the laptop - until it's fixed. Obtain the proper tools and remove the battery. You are risking more damage shorting out the wireless/display logic board circuits if that cracked wire shorts out.

Completely and fully ID your Mac (step #1 when searchng for parts there are two Model A1237) and follow the specific guide.

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Thanks for your response. I have not attempted to use the device after I dropped it. I simply had a friend open it up for me to diagnose the issue and he thinks it's the cable that essentially connects the lcd to the keyboard base. Am I able to purchase that piece separately or will I need to buy a whole new screen?

You might find the cable, & clutch (hinge) but the simplest solutions are often the best (My Daddy used to say "It's the tightwad that spends the most money.") Depending on which cable and where it attaches you might occur less expense just replace the top of the machine- that would have the clutches and cables already set up. I haven't seen any pictures so I don't know exactly which cable and how much damage you're seeing.



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