The Mac Pro First Generation is an Intel Xeon-based workstation computer manufactured by Apple Inc. The first generation model includes the machines from 2006 through 2008.

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Mac Pro 1.1 Change out CPU

Hi guys,

My Mac Pro 1.1, with 2-2,66Ghz dual-core Intel Xeon processors is not working proper anymore. I would like to change out the CPU's. instead I'll get 2 Xeon Quad x5355 CPU's and push up my system to an 8 core. I'm told it should work by my technical dealer, but I'm not sure if the power supply will supply enough power.

I would also like to change my graphics card, which should i get? My dealer recommend an ATI 5870 or ATI 4870. How loud are they compared to NVIDIA GeForce 7300 GT? or which would you recommend? Also how can I find the information on what works.

Can someone with experience in changing out the CPU's on the Mac Pro systems help me here.

i just want to know, if my Mac will work with the new CPU boost, and which graphics card you recommend?

Many thanks!

Serious Stets

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Hey Guys,

again, does the xeon x5355 work and which graphikcart would you recommend


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In addition to your potential power supply problem you'll have firmware problems if you attempt to use a CPU that was never built on this logic board byApple.

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is there a power supply problem than, when i will change the cpu. my dealer says it should work and which graphikcart would you recommend?

many thanks

I upgraded my MacPro1,1 with a pair of Xeons X5365 processors and they work just fine. The only problem is the firmware update from 1,1 to 1,2. But as far as the processors are concerned the are doing oke and the powersupply is sufficient.

I used this pair Xeon L5320 1.86GHz low power Quad-Core processors over clocked to 2.33 Ghz. I also used a modifier to change my Mac to a 2.1 as a side note these run less power than a dual core. Check the world wide web on hacking and modding a 1st gen Mac Pro and you'll find everything you need to keep it going in 2016, currently running OSX 10.8 soon to upgrade to 10.9 or 10.10.

I have upgraded about a dozen MacPro 1,1 Mac's from 2 x dual-core cpu's to 2 x Quad-core and firmware from 1,1 to 2,1 and never had a problem. After you do this just be sure to do a PRAM re-set so that it recognizes the quads.

grnhrn77, where do I get the firmware update for my new processors?


Hey FX

Your pro is now using 8 cores - WOO HOO!

To the people who were all worried about power supplies and such - you are not well versed on the subject. 4-8 core upgrades have been done on Mac Pro 1.1's for a long time.

If you want your processors properly recognized and some fine tuning for your fan speed, you need to look up 'Mac Pro 2.1 Firmware tool'.

You can read a good thread, and probably a download, here.,...

You will need an internet connection. The package is a script that downloads and installs the appropriate files. I (and many others) have done this and all works quite well.

Cheers, AJ


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I have done the upgrade, but now the fans run on full speed (2700 rpm and shows 128 degrees celcius from beginning). How to adjust the fan speed and slow it down???

I am in the same boat. I successfully installed the processors and did the required 2,1 fimrware upgrade but my powersupply fan is SO NOISY!!! SMC fan control can't fix it, and i've cleaned every square inch of my Nvidia GeForce 8800GT graphics card, but to no avail. How do I solve this??

Have to check CPU versions . Not all x5365 are same , have really SLAED ones ? Try to reset PRAM ( 2-3times) , remove onboard battery for a while , check thermal paste on CPU etc ... Check aloso FW /eFI update , if you are really on 2,1 .


5355's will work just fine! Head over to xlr8yourmac (dot com) for instructions and success stories. There all also good teardown videos on YouTube. You will have to do a 2.1 Firmware upgrade. No big deal.

I did mine. I used 5345's 2.33 GHZ), because I got a pair for $35! I have a whole new computer. I dod video and multitrack audio - so it is badly needed.

Cheers, TJ


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Where did u buy ur cpus?

I´m using 2x E5365 too , w/ firmware upgrade. Rock stable.


I also have a Mac Pro 1,1.

I replaced the dual 5160s with 5355s. I replaced the stock ATI video card with an ATI Radeon HD 4870, and have 6 SATA drives running. (2 are in the DVD drive bay)

No power issues.

For the firmware, see,... (need to sign in to see the downloads) There is a "Mac Pro 2006-2007 Firmware Tool" available that will upgrade the firmware to show the correct processor name and type, and also recognize the Mac Pro as a Mac Pro 2,1.


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I replace my 2,66Ghz dual-core in my mac pro 1.1 to Xeon Quad X5355 Matched Pair SLAEG Socket 771 2.667GHz/8M/1333. Working fine ! Only in System Information tab you will see Processor 2 x 2.66 GHz Unknown, but Number of Processors: 2 and Number of Cores: 8. Geekbench test before was about 5400 score and after replacement is about 9300. About 4000 scores more !


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Heya MacPro 1.1 Users ! I just upgraded my ATI5770 graphic card to Nvidia Quadro K4000 with 3GB of ram. This card is smaller than my old ATI (only 1 slot) and has the same 6pin power cable only.

Working awesome ! 4K from my Lumix GH4 ? No problem ! Cuda rendering ? No problem. Maya viewport very fast !

But, first of all you need to upgrade your system to OSX 10.9

I recommend to use this very, very simply method:




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Please, my cpu is dead, I´d like to upgrade with x5355 cpus but I have a question. Can I install then first and upgrade the firmware later? Because my mac is dead right now. Thanks a lot.


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You can do the firmware later; not a problem.....


Yes, upgrading firmware AFTER you install the quad-cores works fine.

Yes , I ´m allways do FW update AFTER cpu change . Do not forget few times reboot afer upgrade + reset PRAM - on first reboot you will see only one CPU instead of two.

Also a good idea to to an SMC re-set.

Hi guys! My friend (Apple tech) says a FW upgrade from 1,1 to 2,1 is not recommended and could fry the logic board.

I'm a bit worried, should I do it or just live with 1,1?


Would E5462s work in it?


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AFAIK - 53XX series only

I have tested 5150 and 5365 - works. 54xx no data , sorry

You can check out which processors work with which Mac Pro's here:


Hey Guys, I just upgraded the CPU's on my mac pro 1,1 from 2x2.66 dual cores x5150's to 2x3.0 quad cores x5365 and it boots up like a charm but I am having trouble upgrading the firmware from mac pro 1,1 to mac pro 2,1. I am using the "Mac Pro 2006-2007 Firmware Tool" and when it downloads the files and shut down, and then I hold down the power button at startup till the light flashes and goes through the process, it just comes back saying that its still a 1,1 and doesn't fully recognize the processors. It says 2 x 3.0 Unknown (but recognizes that it's 8 cores).

Anyways, how do I go in and upgrade it from 1,1 to 2,1?


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Use FW tool , comuter connected to the ethernet !

Hi !!

Matt, I am on the same situation...yesterday I did the upgrade and the system boots perfectly...but like you, I do not see my Mac being upgraded to 2.1..yes! the processors are the same, x5365, but just it recognizes as 2 x 3.0 unknowed.

Milos, could you explain a bit your answer? I don't understand...

Please, Matt or Milos, if you have a solution, let me know what works! it's urgent..

Thx in advance!!

It's done!!! I created a small partition with Yosemite and from there, at the first time succes!!!


Hi Milos, I tried the FW tool and I was connected to the internet, and still nothing. Xaviduch, I managed to install Windows 7 Professional using this guide ( ) and it worked like a charm (i left spaces between the parenthesis so it it shouldn't have issues opening if it shows as a hyperlink). Anyways, the Windows 7 partition sees the Xeon processors, but the OS X doesn't.

My 2006 MP after the attempt to upgrade the firmware with the tool now does not boot at all in OS X. It only has the white screen with the circle and the line thru it. And the fan runs on high all the time until the computer just shuts down on it's own. It does boot into the Win 7 partition just fine though. What do I need to do to get the OS X to boot?




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